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Jump Start Referrals During Fall Enrollment

The fall enrollment season is upon us and, according to the centers we serve, more than 60% of the year’s inquiries from new parents happen this time of year. This includes referrals from your current families.

The best way to get them re-engaged and excited enough to refer their friends during this crucial time of year is to remind them of all the great stuff you offer.

Use these tips to recapture your families’ attention on your WatchMeGrow streaming video services and they’ll be sure to tell everyone about you:

Invite parents to login for a special event.

When exciting things happen in your center, remind working parents that they don’t have to be left out. Tell them what’s happening and when, and encourage them to log on to see the fun. For example, schedule a Pajama Day Parade at 10:30 a.m. for the entire center and ask parents to use WatchMeGrow to login and see their little ones having a blast!

Ask your staff to help.

Remind your teachers to tell classroom parents at drop off what fun things are planned for the day and invite them to check it out with WatchMeGrow. Whether mom logs in or not, she is still reminded that her child is special, well-cared for, and in the best environment she can be.

Tell parents about the WatchMeGrow app.

It's free and available in iTunes and Google Play.  

We all know that modern parenting has many demands. The moments of connection that you offer with WatchMeGrow can reinvigorate busy moms and dads. And reconfirm that they made the best decision by enrolling in your center.  


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