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It's simple to convert your existing camera system to WatchMeGrow – increasing your tools for running your business while making your families happy.

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More than 25% of WatchMeGrow customers started with another camera system.


Re-use Your Cameras

Save by upgrading what you already have. Add parent viewing to a closed circuit, or switch from a system that doesn't meet the needs of your childcare business.

Supercharge Your Cameras


We'll evaluate your existing cameras for compatibility, most often with a free site visit, then make any needed adjustments to work with our system.


Physical upgrade work is scheduled at a time convenient for you, and nothing is required from your team. Our work is backed up with a worry-free warranty.


Get onboarding training to ramp up your team to our software. Enjoy our free marketing materials which help turn this investment into new enrollments.

Convert Your Cameras to WatchMeGrow

We can work with your wiring and some of your hardware. We’ll take an inventory of your hardware to find out exactly what can be reused. We may re-use all or some of your cameras to make a complete package with WatchMeGrow software. We provide a detailed proposal that outlines this after a site visit.  

In most cases, the answer is yes! First, determine what type of camera you have:

  • If you have Analog Cameras: Typically we can reuse analog cameras if they are operational. Our professional installer puts in the WatchMeGrow server and, in most cases, we can have your system running the same day.
  • If you have IP Cameras: We’ll review your cameras' make and model number to determine whether they are compatible with our software. If they are, we’ll ask you to ship (at no cost to you) one of your cameras to us. Our team will test it with our software and make the necessary programming changes to ensure that your cameras operate properly when you launch WatchMeGrow.

Yes. When you reuse existing wiring, our warranty extends to the cameras, server, and any other hardware we install. However, the warranty will exclude your existing wiring. If your wiring is aging, we may inspect it and recommend that you replace it to prevent future problems.

In all cases, you will need a WatchMeGrow Streaming Video Server. The server is needed whether you keep your cameras or replace them.

Our server is the engine that allows video from your location to be streamed securely over the web to your customers. Without it, our software cannot be used to stream video from your business. Our servers also include a DVR recording function.

The WatchMeGrow Difference

Data Security

Our secure software platform ensures the privacy of your families and your business.

Marketing Toolkit

Drive enrollment with our custom marketing tools for your business.

WatchMeGrow TV

Make an impression on touring families with a branded flatscreen in your lobby.

Outstanding Support

Our friendly, live support team keeps your staff and families happy.

Intuitive Admin Tools

Manage your school from anywhere with our dashboard and suite of reports.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll remove the hardware and refund the cost.

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