The Most-Trusted Camera System in Childcare

  • Delight Families
  • Increase Enrollments
  • Enhance School Security
  • With or Without Parent Viewing
  • 6+ more enrollments per month are reported by schools that use WatchMeGrow
  • 95% of families will require streaming video cameras in their child's school to ensure safety post-pandemic (data from surveyed parents)
  • 500+ schools have switched to WatchMeGrow after trying another streaming video camera solution
  • 86% of parents say they share compliments with school staff after seeing something wonderful on video (data from surveyed parents)

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Find out how easy it is to install a WatchMeGrow camera system and stream with school admins, enrolled families, or both.

Your Investment Pays You Back

SCHOOLS: Increase enrollments and revenue when you invest in the competitive advantage of a camera system.


More Than Just a Camera System

We’ve led the industry for 20 years and we know what works. Our suite of tools is designed to support the business needs of childcare centers. Delight your families, train your staff, secure your facility, and run your business better.

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The Most Secure Option in Childcare

Security First

The privacy of children and your data is critical to your business; thus, your data and video security are crucial. WatchMeGrow is the most secure streaming video option in childcare.

Third-Party Vetted

Our software security has been reviewed and verified by ScienceSoft, a respected IT security firm, after a regimen of rigorous testing. We have found no other childcare video streaming options to include this third-party review process.

Enterprise-Level Security

All data is encrypted and stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure, powerful and trusted cloud-based data solutions. AWS uses KMS (Key Management Service) to encrypt your data with validated cryptographic modules.