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Pricing is uniquely customized for every school.

The cost depends on the number and size of classrooms, common areas, and outdoor cameras you require. Our team completes a thorough audit of any cameras or wiring your school already has that can be reused. The result is that you only pay for what achieves your business goals.

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How Our Pricing Works

Software & Support

Software built specifically for your needs:

  • Clean, simple design with childcare-specific functions.
  • User reports, room changes, camera views and more.
  • The most secure platform in the industry.
  • Apps for both iOS and Android.

Customer support for your families:

  • Focus on your business: we answer tens of thousands of calls and emails every year from your families.

Technical support for you and your team:

  • No need for you to manage IT: we handle questions ranging from maintenance needs, local networks and your internet service provider.


Whether you need a new system of cameras or your school already has cameras and needs to upgrade, we build on what you've got and only add what you need.

Our hardware includes:

  • HD IP Cameras for Interiors

  • HD IP Cameras for Exteriors

  • WatchMeGrow Secure Streaming Video Server

  • PoE Network Switch

  • Data Patch Panel

  • Heavy-Duty Surge Strip

  • Wall-Mount Server Rack

  • WatchMeGrow TV (optional)

Wiring & Installation

Our team of professional installers are local to you and trusted partners to us. We've installed thousands of systems across the country and we’ve made our installation process quick and easy.

On average, your system will be up and running within two weeks of your purchase date.

If you are not satisfied 100 days after installation, we'll refund the cost of your hardware, remove it at our expense, and cancel your agreement.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer purchasing options for every scenario, including affordable lease-to-own purchasing. We will match or beat any reasonable offer.

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Camera Rescue

Many schools that offer WatchMeGrow today began with a different camera system. We’ll find out whether cameras and wiring can be reused for maximum efficiency.

Worry-Free Warranty

Our advanced replacement warranty covers the replacement of all installed equipment at no cost to you, usually within 48 hours, including technician travel and labor for repairs.

Marketing Tools

We offer a suite of polished marketing materials to impress touring and enrolled families and promote your streaming video offering in the lobby, on your website, and on social media.

Not quite ready for parent-viewing streaming video?

Some schools opt for an "admin only” system that is not accessible by families to start. We offer a version of our platform that allows camera video feeds to be available only to center managers, not families.

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Pricing FAQs

Pricing is uniquely customized for every school. The cost of a WatchMeGrow camera system depends on the number and size of classrooms, common areas, and number of outdoor cameras you require.  

During an initial phone call with our team, you’ll tell us about your business goals, school, and any existing cameras or wiring you may have. The result is a custom cost proposal that is accurate, competitive, and created especially for your school.

Yes. The monthly fee is for WatchMeGrow Software & Support and includes the web-based software required to securely and reliably stream video to an unlimited number of users from your school. It includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android, software updates, security features, and password administration.  It also includes our team of Customer Support specialists who assist your families by phone, email, and web; train your staff on our platform; and offer unlimited support every day your school is open.

The WatchMeGrow cameras equipment and hardware are a one-time expense for the purchase and installation of cameras, wiring, and server at your school.

Most often, schools with an existing camera system can reuse cameras and wiring already installed. In fact, more than 25% of schools that offer WatchMeGrow today started off with a different camera system. Some installed a set of cameras and were unable to offer families the seamless experience of streaming video on their own. Others used a camera security system product designed for a non-childcare application that fell short.

If this describes your situation, there is a way forward by pairing what you already have with WatchMeGrow. Contact us to find out how.

Security is our number-one priority. All data streaming through our cameras is encrypted with up to 256-bit SSL.

Our security features also extend beyond our software and into your school. You grant each family access to video to only their child’s classroom and play areas and only during the hours they are in your care. You can disable individual cameras at anytime or assign an automatic log-off after periods of inactivity. Get details about our enterprise-level security, and download our white paper about security standards for streaming video in childcare.

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