Comparison Checklist

Finding the right streaming solution means knowing the right questions to ask. We’ve answered them for you to help in your search.

Comparison Counter
Other Camera Systems

Created for ECE, Security Audit

Created for General Use, Not Secure


Custom software designed for preschools and childcare and is in use at thousands of schools

Many use white-labeled generic software developed for gas stations and convenience stores


Fully secure with encrypted login data, family data, and video streams – and vetted by a third-party security firm

No demonstrated security; often only the login data is encrypted leaving customer data and video streams vulnerable. Security questions to ask when considering camera providers »


Limit camera access: Parents can view only the spaces and times their child is present. Viewtime controls let center admins have options.

Most cannot offer these features

Simple to Use for School Admins

Extra Work for Staff


Easily manage parent accounts: our admin tools are designed for childcare

Work-intensive for you: parent accounts must be managed manually and don’t work according to how schools operate


Customer support: when your parents or staff need help, they call our friendly support team

You and your staff answer calls from families for technical support – and manage tech support for your location


Maintain control: we provide usage guidelines for families and tools to limit access

Less control: without a system built for childcare, management becomes more difficult


Free software updates: automatically works with new operating systems and browsers

Not future-proof: you may have to buy new hardware for new operating systems and browsers

We go above and beyond the competitors.

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