Comparison Checklist

Finding the right streaming solution means knowing the right questions to ask. We’ve answered them for you to help in your search.

Comparison Counter

Created for ECE, Top-Level Security 

Created for General Use, Not Secure


Custom software developed exclusively for preschools and childcare; in use at thousands of locations

Generic software developed by third parties for gas stations and convenience stores


Fully secure: we encrypt login data, family data, and video streams – and we've been vetted by a third-party security firm

Not secure: only login is encrypted – this is like locking the front door but leaving other doors open – and no security audits


Limited viewing: parents can view only their child’s classroom, and only during open hours

Most cannot offer these precautions

User-Friendly for Families

Not Developed with Families in mind


Free mobile app for iOS and Android – with separate interfaces for admins and families

Most do not offer a separate user interface for families – parents have access to everything you do

Simple to Use for School Admins

Extra Work for Staff


Easily manage parent accounts: our admin tools are designed for childcare

Work-intensive for you: parent accounts must be managed manually and don’t work according to how schools operate


Customer support: when your parents or staff need help, they call our friendly support team

You and your staff answer calls from families for technical support – and manage tech support for your location


Maintain control: we provide usage guidelines for families and tools to limit access

Less control: without a system built for childcare, management becomes more difficult


Free software updates: automatically works with new operating systems and browsers

Not future-proof: you may have to buy a new DVR system for new operating systems and browsers

We go above and beyond the competitors.

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