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Favorite Admin Features


Prioritize your day at a glance: check top users, see who’s logged in, attend to pending requests, and click into any camera or clip.


Choose which days or hours of the week parents have access to video feeds for each room assigned to their account.


Set up a custom view for your account: evaluate multiple classrooms at once, focus on one age group, or toggle through individual cameras.


Review footage captured by any camera, and download short video clips, to share with staff or families for training or review.


Schedule dates in advance for children to start school or change rooms; no need to set reminders to make future changes.


Find historical data for family members’ login dates and times, daily usage stats and more with comprehensive reports.

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Directors' and Owners' Most-Loved Features

Screenshot Protection

We support our privacy policy with prevention and detection of screenshots and video recording in our apps.

Viewing Limits

The average parent views video for 7 minutes per day. Our software offers viewing time limits to be sure it doesn’t replace in-person communication with your families.

DVR and Audio

Use video recording and audio within your school for reviewing classroom moments, coaching, and giving accolades to your team for a job well done. For admin users only.

Why WatchMeGrow

Data Security

Our secure software platform ensures the privacy of your families and your business.

Marketing Toolkit

Drive enrollment with our custom marketing tools for your center.

WatchMeGrow TV

Make an impression on touring families with a branded lobby flatscreen.

Outstanding Support

Our friendly, live support team keeps your staff and families happy.

HD Video

Catch the day's events with the highest-quality viewing experience available.

Intuitive Admin Tools

Manage your school from anywhere with our suite of tools and reports.

Software Upgrades

Automatic upgrades mean you never have to worry about outdated software.

Worry-Free Warranty

Our advanced replacement warranty covers replacement hardware, onsite labor and shipping – usually in 48 hours.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll remove the hardware and refund the cost.

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