Live Reactions

A better way for parents to share their joy or concerns while streaming classroom video, letting you stay focused on managing your school.

  • Parents react to live video with a tap
  • Admins see reactions in classroom reports
  • Included with WatchMeGrow Parent View!

Features That Make Your Day Better


Prioritize your day at a glance: check top users, see who’s logged in, attend to pending requests, and click into any camera or clip.


Choose which days or hours of the week parents have access to video feeds for each room assigned to their account.


Set up a custom view for your account: evaluate multiple classrooms at once, focus on one age group, or toggle through individual cameras.


When you save a clip, it's for an important reason. Cloud Clips keeps them safe with encrypted online storage.


Schedule dates in advance for children to start school or change rooms; no need to set reminders to make future changes.


Find historical data for family members’ login dates and times, daily usage stats and more with comprehensive reports.

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WatchMeGrow Parent-View Options

Mobile-Only Viewing

Choose to give families access to view on the WatchMeGrow mobile app, browser, or both.

Family View Time Limits

Settings let you be sure video doesn’t replace in-person communication with your staff.

Screenshot Protection

Prevent and detect screenshots and in-app video recordings with an option to suspend accounts.

Tools Tailored for Childcare

Admin Tools & Recording

Manage your school from anywhere with recorded video playback, manage users, and reporting tools.

Cloud Clips

Your saved clips are automatically and safely stored in the cloud, at no additional cost.

Local Video History

WatchMeGrow Server is at your center and securely stores your school's video history.

Reporting Tools

Customer behavior analytics with daily usage stats and comprehensive reports.

Automate Camera Access

Choose when each user has access and schedule new families for future start dates.

Group User Management

Approve and move family users as groups, or move an entire classroom to the next classroom.


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