What Families Say

For more than two decades, moms, dads and grandparents have relied on WatchMeGrow to keep them connected to their children from across town or around the globe. Here's what they have to say.

Reviewed by Felix, Parent, Everret, WA, on July 16, 2018
The staff at the school are professional, kind and always appear to be enjoying what they do. The ability to watch my son go through his day while I'm not with him gives me exceptional joy! Thank you for all the amazing job that you do!
Reviewed by Vicki, Grandparent, MIDLAND, MI, on July 14, 2018
We really appreciate having the opportunities throughout the day to check in on our grandchild. Since we don't live in the same city and are a 3 hour drive away this gives us a chance to see our little one during the day hard at play. We've even caught our daughter and son in law dropping off/picking up our grandchild so it was nice seeing them too.
Reviewed by Tanya Morgan, Parent, Simpsonville, SC, on July 13, 2018
It's an awesome tool!!
Reviewed by Megan Metcalf, Parent, Cincinnati, OH, on July 12, 2018
I enjoy being able to check in on my daughter during the day. :)
Reviewed by Helena jordan, Parent, Charlotte, NC, on July 12, 2018
Love it. This is my 1st child so I get really nervous and want to see her in daycare. I can really depend on WatchMeGrow.
Reviewed by Carolyn Lovett-Hebert, Parent, Cypress, TX, on July 12, 2018
I love having the opportunity to check in to see how my little one is doing throughout the day, which I didn't have before she came to this daycare. I know when she is doing well and when she is being corrected for poor behavior. I can compliment her when she does well and follow up with the discipline when she does wrong. I also have the chance to see her teachers show love and kindness to each one of their students, which I am so grateful she has that kind of relationship with them. This is better than sliced bread!
Reviewed by Cheri, Parent, DuPont, WA, on July 12, 2018
I love the service. It’s great! Thank you for providing it!
Reviewed by Shelby F., Parent, Hattiesburg, MS, on July 10, 2018
We love WatchMeGrow! It definitely aided in our pick of our daycare. Being able to watch our little one enjoy, grow, play and learn at daycare is the highlight of our day!
Reviewed by Duval Freites, Parent, Windermere, FL, on July 9, 2018
Excellent service
Reviewed by Tony, Parent, Houston, TX, on July 6, 2018
Such a lovely feeling to always be able to see that your baby is happy and safe!
Reviewed by Cynthia Graeff, Parent, Olive branch, MS, on July 6, 2018
Excellent service I enjoy being able to peek in on my son during the day to see how he is learning and the choices he makes. It gives you peace to know he is in good hands when you have to work.
Reviewed by Stephanie Straight Richards, Parent, Springdale, AR, on July 5, 2018
We love WatchMeGrow and are so thankful for this service. It is important to us to be able to see how our little boy is doing during the day and we are able tomthis due to your service. Thank you for providing this service!
Reviewed by Melissa Farmer, Parent, McKinney, TX, on July 5, 2018
The app is great to the fact that I can check in on my child. The negatives are that you can only log on 10 times a day and it's limited to about 10 minutes each log on. This should be adjusted to unlimited log ins and unlimited time to view.
Reviewed by Keshav, Parent, Bothell, WA, on July 5, 2018
WatchMeGrow has enabled me to enjoy that my kid is having fun and being given the best care.
Reviewed by Kimberly Barack, Parent, Gibsonton, FL, on July 5, 2018
Love the service! Wish there was audio.
Reviewed by Cinda O'Brien, Grandparent, Wylie, TX, on July 3, 2018
I love being able to watch my grandson and to see the fun things he does. I also like to see all the activities the teacher has for him to do.
Reviewed by Kyle H., Parent, San Antonio, TX, on July 2, 2018
This is a great app! Being able to view our child while at daycare was one of the main deciding factors in choosing a location.
Reviewed by Kenya Leach, Parent, Winston Salem, NC, on July 2, 2018
What an amazing service. WatchMeGrow brings such ease to working parents. Being able to check on the status of your little one during the day is a load off. I would highly recommend other parents to ask if their child care facility offers this "outstanding" service.
Reviewed by Monique, Parent, Easton, PA, on June 29, 2018
I love being able to see my child throughout the day, I get to see some of the activities that the schools offer. I also get to put my mind at ease to see how my child interacts with other people, when I'm not around. That has always been a concern of mine. Also it did contribute a great deal to my final decision to enroll my child at that school.
Reviewed by Sandy Griffith, Grandparent, Dickinson, TX, on June 22, 2018
I love being able to check on my granddaughter - all day cares should have this app. Thank you.
Reviewed by Terri Hughes, Grandparent, Richmond, TX, on June 18, 2018
We have just started the boys in daycare and I feel very blessed we found Kids R Kids Greatwood we love everything about it and absolutely love the WatchMeGrow program! We even have my granddaughter for the summer and she is in the summer camp program. Everybody is extremely happy with this place!!
Reviewed by Eric J. Hilliard, Parent, Middletown, MD, on June 18, 2018
I love that I can watch my little girl in action while I'm so far away. I am in the military and stationed overseas so being able to see this is something very special to me.
Reviewed by Sarah, Parent, Myrtle Beach, SC, on June 14, 2018
My family LOVES being able to login and see my son throughout the day! It puts my mind at ease when I leave him to know he is ok and it’s fun to see what he’s up to.
Reviewed by Myoungduk Shon, Parent, Flower mound, TX, on June 12, 2018
I can watch my kids always. So good!
Reviewed by Gina, Parent, Clermont, FL, on June 12, 2018
I love the fact that I can log in at any time during the day to see what my child is doing. It's such great peace of mind when I'm at work.
Reviewed by Sabrina, Parent, Miami Gardens, FL, on June 11, 2018
The BEST ever, I can remain calm while I'm at work knowing that my son is in good hands!!
Reviewed by Dolores Piro, Grandparent, Eatontown, NJ, on June 11, 2018
I think it's great!!
Reviewed by Brandon, Parent, Southaven, MS, on June 7, 2018
I love the app
Reviewed by Susana, Parent, San Antonio, TX, on June 7, 2018
I love WatchMeGrow. The app is so quick & easy to use. One of the reasons I chose this daycare was because I would be able to keep an eye on my babies as I work.
Reviewed by Jonathan, Parent, Virginia Beach, VA, on June 4, 2018
Love the app. Just wish it didn't time me out. When it does timeout, from time to time, I have to sign back in.
Reviewed by Nelly Nelle, Parent, Bradenton, FL, on June 4, 2018
WatchMeGrow is one of the main reasons I chose my child's daycare. The peace of mind and security to be able to log in at any moment and watch what's going on with my son is extremely important and comforting. I love how simple it is to log in and watch as often as I want. Thank you WatchMeGrow, for the peace of mind over my little one.
Reviewed by Bianca J Vargas, Parent, Cypress, TX, on May 8, 2018
Great app to be able to see how my LO is being cared for while I am working! Great stream quality. Thanks
Reviewed by Marisela Rosario, Parent, North plainfield, NJ, on May 8, 2018
Estoy feliz de esta aplicación porque me permite monitorial a mi bebe el dia completo
Reviewed by Manar, Parent, Matthews, NC, on May 8, 2018
It’s a good application because it’s allow you to watch your kids whenever you want
Reviewed by Sandra, Parent, NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX, on May 8, 2018
Easy to use website and app. Can see classroom clearly and with no delays.
Reviewed by Tiffy, Parent, Arlington, WA, on May 7, 2018
I love the WatchMeGrow app. It allows me to keep an eye on my babies and also helps anyone working for the daycare I have chosen to be very accountable for everything they do. Excellent resource for parents!!
Reviewed by Marcus, Parent, Arlington, TX, on May 7, 2018
Great tool , I love that we can see what my son is doing in class during the day. Thanks for this option!!!!
Reviewed by C. Callori, Grandparent, Mountainside, NJ, on May 3, 2018
Love WatchMeGrow, I can check up on my grandson. Watch him play and enjoy his day. Also more importantly, I can see how he is being taken care of. In this day and age, I like that I can monitor his surroundings. I’m so glad the center has this feature.
Reviewed by Nedra Wilson, Grandparent, Las Vegas, NV, on May 2, 2018
I enjoy the having the ability to check in on my child throughout the day.
Reviewed by Kristie Jones, Parent, Cinnaminson, NJ, on May 1, 2018
Being a first time my this is by far thee best app I have put on my phone!!! It may be a blessing and a curse. Haha. I'm able to see my daughter, and not worry about how she's doing all day. I will be recommending this app to other parents!!
Reviewed by Susan west, Grandparent, Tuskin, FL, on April 30, 2018
I love being able to watch my grandson during play time and see how he is interacting with other kids. It such a help not being able to keep him to see he is enjoying his days at day care.
Reviewed by Tanika M, Parent, Atlanta, GA, on March 22, 2018
This is the perfect way to keep an eye on my child without disturbing her interactions.
Reviewed by Maryam, Parent, Baltimore, MD, on March 22, 2018
It’s absolutely fantastic!!!
Reviewed by Pooja Agarwal, Parent, Lawrenceville, NJ, on March 21, 2018
We love watch me grow. Not only can we see our daughter all throughout the day but her grandparents also can see her sitting in India. It's awesome!!
Reviewed by Stephanie, Gilbert, AZ, on March 21, 2018
I love being able to check in on my child periodically during the day while I work from my home office. It gives me peace of mind she is doing ok.
Reviewed by Kelsey, Parent, Paducah, KY, on March 19, 2018
My daughter is 2, I stayed home with her until a couple months ago. Doing so the change was scary for me, but having the great staff with WatchMeGrow changes it all for me as her mother. Being able to watch her play and learn makes me smile everyday. I do not worry one bit for I know she is in great hands and care. I cannot say enough for this daycare!
Reviewed by Stephanie, Parent, Jersey City, NJ, on March 12, 2018
This apps works great with our daycare so that I can check on my little one throughout the day. I love having the peace of mind that she is OK and being looked after.
Reviewed by Jessica, Parent, O'Fallon, MO, on March 12, 2018
Absolutely love it. One of the reasons I went with our daycare. So glad I can check in on my daughter when I want to, without disrupting her time.
Reviewed by Hannah M. Ponce, Parent, Houston, TX, on March 7, 2018
It’s been amazing for this first time Momma!
Reviewed by Mandy, Parent, Loveland, OH, on March 5, 2018
I absolutely love WatchMeGrow!! It makes me feel so much better to be able to check in on my baby anytime during the day. It puts my mind at ease. The website and app are extremely easy to use.
Reviewed by A, Grandparent, Creston, ME, on March 5, 2018
I am a grandparent that live in a different country as my grandchild. The WatchMeGrow allows me to be a part of their lives outside their home. I can be part of their parties the daycare has for special occasions. I get to see my grandchild play and have fun with friends. It gives me that extra connection and assures me she is having fun and learning ❤️
Reviewed by A, Parent, Sherborn, MA, on March 1, 2018
It is very convenient to use. I enjoyed watching what my child is doing.
Reviewed by Betsy, Parent, Parker, CO, on February 26, 2018
We love using Watch Me Grow! It definitely had an influence on what daycare we chose. We've used seething similar in the past and really missed it. It's so fun and reassuring to see our kids in the day when we have to be away from them. The only thing I would change is to not get kicked out of my account when my husband logs in and vice versa. I'd like it if we could both view at once.
Reviewed by YK, Parent, Ringwood, NJ, on February 23, 2018
It's great to be able to see my child. It seems to disconnect every once in a while but it works well and the quality isn't bad. It reassures me that my child is fine.
Reviewed by April, Parent, Kennedale, TX, on February 23, 2018
Love it!
Reviewed by Ashley Burgan, Parent, Sarasota, FL, on February 22, 2018
My husband and I are first-time parents and we couldn't be happier with WATCH ME GROW! It gives us the reassurance we need throughout our day to ensure our little one is having a wonderful time at DoodleBugs!
Reviewed by Daviana, Parent, Sanford, FL, on February 15, 2018
I LOVE being able to watch my daughter throughout the day and I can see her behavior, how much fun she is having and make sure that she is safe!
Reviewed by Amor, Parent, Rocky Hill, CT, on February 12, 2018
My daycare center has discontinued this service but I liked it. Made me feel better about sending my son to daycare.
Reviewed by A, Parent, Leesburg, VA, on February 11, 2018
Having the cameras absolutely influenced our decision on which day care center to select. Plus, the confidence you know the center and teachers have that they're comfortable with a camera also provides confidence that we selected the right place for our infant. Love to be able to see him every chance I get Thanks.
Reviewed by Elizabeth L., Parent, Ewing, NJ, on February 9, 2018
Having the WatchMeGrow video not only gives me peace of mind but has allowed me to stay connected to my child while I am away at work. It is the #1 feature that I enjoy at my daycare facility; and an absolute requirement for any future facilities that I may consider. The video is also great for both sets of grandparents who live on the other side of the country, and who otherwise would miss out on seeing some of the daily activities of their grandchild that I do not photograph on a daily basis.
Reviewed by Jeremiah, Parent, Olathe, KS, on February 8, 2018
I am really pleased with watch me grow. It is a great service for parents.
Reviewed by A, Parent, Glen Rock, NJ, on February 6, 2018
The reason I chose my current daycare for my 18 months old daughter was the presence of these cameras. It is just such a relief to be able to log in a few times a day and see what my little one is doing. It gives me peace of mind, and it was something I really needed to go back to work.
Reviewed by Lara, Parent, Alexandria, VA, on February 5, 2018
I've really enjoyed using Watch Me Grow to be able to check in on my kids in their daycare. It's been a great tool of comfort. I feel more connected to his day and his works when I can check in from time to time. I've used it as a tool to raise concerns with the teachers or convey praise.
Reviewed by A, Parent, Alexandria, VA, on February 5, 2018
WatchMeGrow is an incredible feature that brings reassurance and comfort to parents and families as a whole. Our daughter's first daycare experience was not a good one, so I was hesitant on exposing her to a new daycare environment. WatchMeGrow was one of the reasons we decided on the daycare we did. Not only is the daycare fantastic, but to see our daughter thrive there whenever we check on her is awesome. We never have issues logging in, the quality is great, and the peace of mind seeing a real-time view of our child is invaluable.
Reviewed by Janette, Parent, Deltona, FL, on February 5, 2018
Love that I am able to check in on her from time to time from work and see what she’s up too! Great app! Love it!
Reviewed by Patricia Chirinos, Parent, Woodstock, GA, on January 22, 2018
It’s an excellent program/ service!
Reviewed by Marisol, Parent, Hayward, CA, on January 22, 2018
I’m such a happy mommy to be able to see my baby thank you
Reviewed by Lindsey, Parent, Falls Church, VA, on January 18, 2018
Having the cameras absolutely influenced our decision on which day care center to select. I check it at least once or twice a day. For a new parent, utilizing a day care center for the first time, it provides such comfort to know I can check in. Plus, the confidence you know the center and teachers have that they're comfortable with a camera also provides confidence that we selected the right place for our infant.
Reviewed by A, Parent, Franklin Park, NJ, on January 18, 2018
Having a daycare with access to cameras wasn’t a must-have on our list so it was a nice bonus our daycare offered it. Now that we have it I love it. Easy to use and I love being able to see my munchkin when we’re apart.
Reviewed by James Mahler, Grandparent, Mishawaka, IN, on January 12, 2018
Love to be able to see him every chance I get. Thanks!
Reviewed by Susan, Parent, Newport Beach, CA, on January 11, 2018
We love the Boneadventure! it is wonderful to watch the video and seeing our son have so much fun!
Reviewed by Pam, Parent, Albuquerque, NM, on January 6, 2018
Watching my kids on video when I can not only brings peace of mind but also great joy. I love that our daycare is willing to be so transparent with our kids’ care. Only recommendation would be to have clearer resolution and zoom-in feature. Thanks!
Reviewed by Harsha Chandrashekara, Parent, Secaucus, NJ, on January 2, 2018
The interface and service is very good.
Reviewed by Arwa, Parent, Renton, WA, on January 1, 2018
Im so glad to have watch me grow in the center i have my infants its help a lot to see how my baby doing .. thank you
Reviewed by Shanil Larrow, Parent, Orlando, FL, on December 11, 2017
As a new mom my main concern was dropping off my baby at daycare/school and leaving him all day. I LOVE that I can log on and see him throughout the day and just to have that security and the option really put my mine at ease. So easy to register and super easy to use. The best part is I have unlimited access, and it turns out that I don’t even log on as much as I thought I would, but knowing I have that option is the greatness!!!
Reviewed by Julie B, Parent, Fort Wayne, IN, on December 11, 2017
App is very easy to use, sign up was easy with no issues. Love being able to check in on my kid. Wish you could zoom in on the app but otherwise quality is decent and camera positioning allows you too see everything.
Reviewed by Vernon, Parent, Batavia, PA, on December 11, 2017
Really love have the ability to watch during the day. Website is fairly easy to use and sign other family up. Look forward to enhancements.
Reviewed by Frances, Parent, Richmond, TX, on December 10, 2017
I really appreciate this app. It allows me peace of mind that my child is being well taken care of.
Reviewed by Ashley, Parent, Mount Juliet, TN, on December 8, 2017
I love being able to “pop in” on my child during the day. It makes me feel great that I can see him any time I’d like and know that he is being taken care of and loved on by his teachers!
Reviewed by Linda L., Great Grandparent, Lexington, KY, on December 6, 2017
I enjoy seeing my great grandson learning, if he's eating his food and just enjoying his day a school. You do an excellent job and I truly appreciate having this viewing available for his family.
Reviewed by firstimemom, Parent, Alpharette, GA, on December 4, 2017
As a first time mom who was returning to travelling all week, watch me grow provided relief to my paranoia about leaving my lil one at daycare. I was elated to watch her real time, and now have recordings of all her activitie throughout the day!!! Thank you soo much... there's nothing more satisfying than watching them grow :)
Reviewed by Andrea, Parent, Webster, NY, on November 30, 2017
I absolutely love Watch Me Grow. It gives me so much piece of mind while my son is in daycare being able to check on him and knowing he is in good hands. It was definitely a big factor in why I chose that child care center and I'm so glad with the decision that I made!
Reviewed by Naesha, Parent, Las Vegas, NV, on November 13, 2017
Love it! Very convenient. I can login in any time to see how my son is doing, behaving and watching him learn new things every day. I really appreciate this website it keeps track of every activity with my child and his classroom.
Reviewed by Kendrick Smith, Parent, Moreno Valley, CA, on November 11, 2017
It did influence the child care facility that I chose
Reviewed by A, Parent, Glenside, PA, on November 2, 2017
I can't get enough of this service. My wife and mother use it as well. Big influence on what child care center we choose. I love being able to watch my baby doing.
Reviewed by Michelle Moody, Grandparent, Houston, TX, on October 30, 2017
I was very pleased with the video feature provided by the daycare.
Reviewed by Cindy, Parent, Orlando, FL, on October 30, 2017
Having WatchMeGrow was definitely a big reason why I chose the daycare that I did for my son, among other great reasons. I have such peace of mind checking in on him during the day, that I’m able to do the things I need to do, knowing he is happy and safe.
Reviewed by Dynel Williams, Parent, Riverview, FL, on October 28, 2017
Its an excellent App. I am able to look in on my daughter and see how she's developing and learning new things. It's very soothing to know whats going on in my daughter's class.
Reviewed by Savannah Setnar, Parent, Tea, SD, on October 27, 2017
My husband loves logging in and watching our daughter play with other kids. He gets to see her grow and learn, even though he currently lives is in another state.
Reviewed by Sue, Grandparent, Parsippany, NJ, on October 20, 2017
I live in NJ and my first grandchild, a boy, lives in TX. I absolutely love being able to see him in his day-to-day routines in his daycare class. Miss Jennifer and all the staff are terrific! Besides, if I turn it on at the right time, I get to see my daughter or son-in-law pick him up too! Keep up the good work!
Reviewed by Happymom, Parent, Mount Laurel, NJ, on October 17, 2017
I love the watch me grow app! I can see anytime what my child is doing and how much he is enjoying at school !