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Rest easy knowing that we protect your privacy, and the privacy of the children in your care.

Our Most Popular Security Features

Access and Viewing Limits

Set camera access for families so they can stream video only during times and in spaces you permit. Optional viewing time limits are fully within your admin control.

Screenshot Protection

Protect the privacy of children and staff with screenshot protection in our apps. Depending on operating system, detect or prevent user screenshots or recording.

Admin-Only Features

Use DVR and audio for reviewing moments, coaching, and giving accolades to your team for a job well done. Families do not have access to recorded video or audio.

Child-Centered Businesses Rely on Software and Video Security

Loss of trust is the single biggest risk a child-centered business can face. Your business has a responsibility to protect the privacy of both people and data.

There are critical IT security factors to consider when choosing a streaming camera system.
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Security & Privacy Protections Explained

Account Access and Password Security Protocols

Family members who wish to gain secure access to stream video from your facility must complete a detailed registration form that identifies your facility by telephone number. The user's information is held until it is verified and approved for access by your administrative staff. Only with your approval can we create the new account and provide the user with secure login information. This process is automated but remains overseen by our Support Team to ensure that only approved users have access to create accounts. 

Each family and admin user receives a unique username and password that we manage. Usernames and passwords are always encrypted to ensure your data stays secure. If a user is inactive for a period of three months, the user account is suspended for inactivity and the user must contact us to verify enrollment to regain access to cameras streaming from your facility.

Rigorous Third-Party Expert Security Review and Vetting

Our software has been reviewed and verified by a dedicated team at ScienceSoft, a respected IT security firm. After a detailed evaluation, ScienceSoft determined that WatchMeGrow security protocols are the industry standard. We repeat this evaluation regularly to ensure consistent security as technology evolves.

We have found no other video streaming options in the industry to have undergone rigorous, third-party security testing. Some may claim to do software-based reviews, which lack the extent, precision, and expertise offered by ScienceSoft.

In childcare, the security of data and video and the privacy of children and families is critical. Every video system used in childcare should be thoroughly reviewed and vetted by a qualified IT security firm, not simply automated software checks.

Screenshot Prevention and Detection for Privacy

Our software protects the privacy of children in your care. Our Terms of Service prohibit users from taking screenshots or recordings of video streaming from your facility. As an added safeguard, software functions to protect against and detect users who take still screenshots or video recordings while using WatchMeGrow. 

For iOS: The software detects when a screenshot is taken within the app and displays a message indicating that screenshots are a violation of our terms of service. Users must click "OK" to resume use of the app.

For Android: Users are prevented from recording video and from taking screenshots within the app.

Secure Data Storage and Transmission

All data and personal information is stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure, powerful, and trusted cloud-based data solutions.

AWS uses KMS (Key Management Service) to encrypt your data with validated cryptographic modules. We use AWS data centers and a network architected to protect information, identities, applications, and devices. 

All video and user data, including usernames and passwords, streaming through our cameras and servers to our end users are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), the standard in internet data transfer security. 

Remote Threat Monitoring and Automatic Software Updates

We constantly monitor your camera system for data breaches and new threats. These security measures should be part of the standard operating procedure for the system from day one, not an afterthought that’s only considered after a breach has happened.

Browsers and operating systems are constantly changing. We make regular updates to our streaming software to ensure it works with every new version and delivers a secure and quality experience to customers. Updates and monitoring are done remotely and automatically and without added cost.

Precise Control of Camera Access

You grant family access only when a child is in your care and only in the space where the child will be during a given time period. Your customers do not access video of your entire facility.

Our admin settings provide added security features unique to your business. Admins can assign an automatic log-off after periods of inactivity to discourage extensive video watching. You can elect to set limits on customer viewing sessions and duration. You may disable individual cameras at any time, instantly.

Data Security FAQs

Connected devices in your business can include smart speakers, web-enabled thermostats, wireless office equipment, and streaming camera systems like WatchMeGrow. These devices are part of the “Internet of Things,” a rapidly growing network of physical objects that include an IP address for internet connectivity. These objects are Internet-enabled and communicate with each other and with cloud software that operates them.

The connectivity of these devices carries an inherent risk of unknown third parties gaining access to your business’s data. For example, your school may use software that manages enrollments, student records, and tuition payments. The data, including private records and credit card information, stored in this software is sensitive and can land in the hands of unknown people if connected devices are not secure. 


Compromised data is a very serious threat to a company’s reputation. Loss of trust is the biggest risk a childcare provider can face.

There are several important factors to consider when assessing the security of web-enabled camera systems. The software that runs your system should be designed for the business of childcare and all of its unique requirements,  it should use individual and encrypted passwords for each user, and it should be audited by an independent IT firm.

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Unsecured feeds can easily be viewed by anyone who cares to look for them. In fact, sites like offer a directory of online surveillance security cameras. Users can select a country to watch live street, traffic, parking, office, road, beach and home webcams. Feeds are available that show medical facilities, inside homes, and inside childcare centers – no passwords required. 


Selecting streaming video software that has encrypted usernames, passwords, and video is the best protection against this kind of unsecured feed.

Compromised data is a very serious threat to a company’s reputation. Loss of trust is the biggest risk a childcare provider can face. The first thing on every parent’s list of requirements when choosing a preschool is safety and security. If the streaming video system a school uses to provide an extra level of accountability is not constantly monitored for security breaches, your business can unknowingly provide public access to your customers’ personal information. 


With regular headlines revealing the latest security breaches, consumers are more aware than ever of the responsibility businesses have to protect their personal information. Protection from identity theft is big business – with companies like LifeLock, Experian and McAfee earning millions to provide security to individuals. Customers expect your business will safeguard the sensitive data they share with you.

I have a technology background, so I understood very well that the system that we pick has to be secure. WatchMeGrow checked off all the marks and then some.
Devinder Singh
Owner, Kiddie Academy locations in Greater Seattle, WA
We don't have third-party security monitoring. WatchMeGrow doubles up as building security. We will definitely be adding it to every one of our future schools.
Vijay Ilavarasan
Owner, Kiddie Academy of Vancouver, WA

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