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WatchMeGrow AI

We're building new features that harness the power of artificial intelligence. The result? Classroom video becomes data that fuels a safer and smarter school.

  • Text alerts if a child is detected to be left alone
  • Automated teacher observations
  • Clips of shareable moments for families

Your Camera System. Reimagined.

Our AI-enabled software scans classroom video giving you an automated and complete view of the education, care, and safety of your students.

Our collaboration with the University of Chicago

We're partnered with the Center for the Economics of Human Development, led by Nobel Laureate James Heckman, to study ECE quality assessment with AI and video streams for continuous observations.

What You Can Do With WatchMeGrow AI

Smart Observations



Automated classroom observations measure teacher performance and increase the accuracy of traditional in-person observations, giving you a more accurate and complete picture.

  • Time-saving automation: formal observations can only be done one at a time, for a limited duration, and are not an entirely accurate representation.

  • Examples of teacher strengths are captured automatically as clips for positive reinforcement

  • Early warning signs quickly identify teachers that may not be a good fit for the classroom

  • Decrease the stress that many teachers feel during in-person observations

Shareable Moments



Captures clips of heartwarming interactions between teachers and children, groups of students, and other demonstrations of your school’s wonderful staff and curriculum.

  • Families can see the best moments of the day instead of relying on chance when they happen to log in and watch.

  • Admins have full control over what is shared with families.

  • Time-saving automation so teachers don’t stop teaching to capture these moments with classroom phones or tablets.

WatchMeGrow Alerts


Child Safety AlertsSM

Admins are notified if there is a child potentially left alone in a classroom, hallway, or playground space. 

Person Detection AlertsSM

Admins are notified if a person is detected inside or around the school after hours.


WatchMeGrow Alerts is the first in a series of new software features that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an extra set of eyes.  We train it on what to look for, it looks, captures, and categorizes these things for you to review. We tell the software what’s important to see, and the software delivers each example of it. 

  • Select Admins to be notified for Child Safety Alerts, Person Detection Alerts, or both.

  • Opt in to text message notifications to instantly see the clips of each alert.

  • View, download, and save clips of alerts.

About WMG Labs

WatchMeGrow Labs is our technology research and development initiative. It is led by a team of AI researchers and software engineers from our partner, Class Proxima. Most importantly the team includes experienced ECE teachers, directors, practitioners, and researchers. 

We've partnered with a group of early learning centers collaborating with us to help create computer vision technology that is productive and useful in supporting  ECE. These centers test new features and provide feedback on their effectiveness, accuracy, and potential improvement.

We recognize the critical role of this technology in early childhood education and are committed to perfecting it. To ensure its success, we're engaging with educators, administrators, students, and families, understanding their invaluable contributions to this process. Our goal is to develop technology that enhances educational practices and has a lasting positive impact on children and their communities.

Your classroom cameras capture thousands of beautiful interactions between teachers and students. But you're busy, and you won’t see most of them. Neither will the parents of your students.

Computer vision can find and automatically capture short clips of the best interactions between teachers and students, even when no one is watching. 

This has enormous benefits for your school:

  • A sustained level of classroom observation that is more accurate and makes in-person observations far more useful.
  • A "second set of eyes" to prevent a child left unattended
  • Clips automatically shared with your admins of teachers doing wonderful things
  • Teachers won't need to stop teaching to capture videos of moments you can share with families

Using AI, we train our software on the types of interactions we want to identify. It captures and categorizes the clips based on our learning models.

We've reviewed and coded thousands of hours of classroom videos to train the software. And, our team is made up of BOTH software engineers AND early childhood educators with classroom experience.

Our models have been trained to identify some basic interactions like hugs and circle time with 100% accuracy. We're working on more sophisticated interactions in our WMG Lab schools.  

In-person teacher observations are critical for professional development and evaluation. But, by their nature, a 30-minute observation a few times a year can't give a complete picture of a teacher's effectiveness. In addition, having an observer in the room can be disruptive.

Observation data from classroom videos gives you:

  • Sustained observation rather than a short observation a few times per year.
  • It simplifies teacher coaching giving you short, digestible clips to review every day
  • It allows teachers to see themselves as a family would and be mindful of their practice, repeating what is effective and improving what is not.

WMG Alerts has been beta tested by 50 schools and is in the final stages of development before it is ready to go.

Our team is working with ECE researchers investing time in research, development, and thorough testing to be sure these features exceed your expectations. We realize this requires patience and we know it will be worth it.

Why Slow and Steady?

  • Quality Over Speed: Unlike competitors, who prioritize launch dates over product readiness, we focus on delivering a product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
  • Thorough Testing: Our commitment to extensive testing means we identify and rectify potential issues long before our product reaches your hands.
  • Innovation Through Patience: True innovation doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey of discovery, learning, and refinement.

The result? A product that stands the test of time, delivering reliability, efficiency, and satisfaction long after the novelty of faster-launched products has faded.

Powered by Class Proxima

We've partnered with Class Proxima, a deep-tech company specializing in early childhood education, to create these new software features.

Class Proxima leverages the power of machine learning to create algorithms that accurately identify what happens in the classroom each day.

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