Getting Started

Everything you need to know to stream video safely and stay connected with your child at school.


Please visit our signup page and enter your center’s phone number to get started.

For security and privacy, accounts are activated upon authorization from your childcare center. Please allow 1-2 business days to complete before you can start viewing.

From the Login Page, you have the option to click either "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password". Follow the prompts to help remember.

Usernames and passwords are both case-sensitive and contain letters and numbers only. 

Each WatchMeGrow system is custom built to fit your school's needs. Please contact your center director if you have any questions about the login policy for your location.

For privacy and security purposes, audio is not available for parent streaming.

Two people cannot be logged in with the same username and password at the same time. If your center allows sub-users on accounts, you may add them by visiting the Add or Remove Family Members section on the My Account page here.

If your new center also uses WatchMeGrow, we can submit a request to have your account moved. Please contact us at support@watchmegrow.com or 1-800-483-5597 to let our Customer Support team know you’d like to transition.

For best results, please make sure you are logged in using a strong Wi-Fi connection, as mobile data alone may not provide enough bandwidth for smooth streaming. If there is a technical issue preventing your camera from streaming correctly, you may check on the status of the cameras by contacting our Customer Support team at support@watchmegrow.com or 1-800-483-5597.

To request a classroom addition, change, or transition, please visit the Change Classroom section under the My Account page here.  Once your center has verified the request, your account will be updated.

For security purposes, servers will automatically disable accounts if they are not used for some time. Please contact your center’s director or our Customer Support team at support@watchmegrow.com or 1-800-483-5597 to be re-activated.

For security purposes, our system will prevent anyone from logging into your account for approximately 15 minutes when it detects too many invalid login attempts. This is commonly caused by an incorrect case being used in the username or password (e.g. ‘Mickey’ instead of ‘mickey’). If you continue to experience issues logging in, please contact our Customer Support team at support@watchmegrow.com or 1-800-483-5597.

You can change your password by visiting the Change Password section under the My Account page here

Account cancelations must be processed through our online Cancel Account section on the My Account page.

Yes, please visit the Email Preferences section on the My Account page.

If you have a request or suggestion regarding camera placement, please contact your center’s director. They will review your request and advise WatchMeGrow to follow up as needed.

We work closely with centers to optimize camera placement at the time of installation. We strive to maximize viewing, mitigate variances in natural and artificial lighting, and block sensitive areas like restrooms and changing tables for privacy.

Please visit our Find A School tool here. You can search by City, State/Province or Zip/Postal Code.

WatchMeGrow provides live streaming video for families to watch their children in real time. We do not archive any footage. If you have any questions about recorded video, please speak with your center’s director.