Child Care Cameras Reimagined

Our system was designed for you. Now it's innovating for you. Your WatchMeGrow camera system can now deliver data that fuels a safer and smarter school.


The Happiness Filter for Families

New! WatchMeGrow Live Reactions is here. Emojis let families share reactions in real time. Happy families can review your school and worried parents are guided with compassion to keep an open line of communication.



Built For the Business of ECE

WatchMeGrow was the first company to introduce streaming camera systems and software designed for ECE.

Today, we're using AI and computer vision technology to push the limits of what is typical and rethink what we deliver to you. We create new ways for schools, families, and students to thrive.

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FHD IP Cameras
The highest quality HD IP cameras for interiors and exteriors ensure a perfect picture. Professional installation is provided by our network of installers nationwide.

WatchMeGrow Server
Our secure video server delivers processing power to support AI features. It's selected to ensure extended life so that your hardware won't need to be replaced with future software upgrades. Servers store, on average, two to five weeks of recorded video*

WatchMeGrow TV Media Player
A powerful first impression in your school lobby, WatchMeGrow TV offers a live video feed from each classroom in your school.

*Precise capacity for video history depends on multiple variables including the number of cameras. Additional storage capacity is available for purchase.


Support For Your Families

  • Our team handles tens of thousands of calls and emails every year from your families, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Support For Your Team

  • We handle questions ranging from maintenance needs, local networks, admin tools, or your internet service provider. 

Our Most-Loved Streaming Features

Mobile-Only Viewing

Choose to give families access to view on the WatchMeGrow mobile app, browser, or both.

Family View Time Limits

Settings let you be sure video doesn’t replace in-person communication with your staff.

Screenshot Protection

Prevent and detect screenshots and in-app video recordings with an option to suspend accounts.

Optional Add-On

WatchMeGrow TV

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Software That Is Proven Secure

Security First

The privacy of children and your data is critical to your business; thus, your data and video security are crucial. WatchMeGrow is the most secure streaming video option in childcare.

Third-Party Vetted

Our software security has been reviewed and verified by ScienceSoft, a respected IT security firm, after a regimen of rigorous testing. We have found no other childcare video streaming options to include this third-party review process.

Enterprise-Level Security

All data is encrypted and stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure, powerful and trusted cloud-based data solutions. AWS uses KMS (Key Management Service) to encrypt your data with validated cryptographic modules.