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Owners and directors across the country use WatchMeGrow to grow enrollments and run their businesses better.

Reviewed by Jessica Holmes, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Glendora, Glendora, CA, on July 16, 2023
I enjoy having WatchMeGrow in my school. It's the best feeling to know everyone is safe and happy I love WatchMeGrow!
Reviewed by Robert and Karen Hawthorne, Owner, Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Oakbrook, Norcross, GA, on May 14, 2022
We just love WatchMeGrow. It's great to have in our school!
Reviewed by Constance Moscoso, Owner, Kids 'R' Kids of Suwanee, Suwanee, GA, on May 14, 2022
The best customer service I have ever experienced. Prompt response to any questions and when we need quotes for new schools or cameras they are #1… they are amazing.
Reviewed by Al Roberts, Owner, Kids 'R' Kids of Snellville South & Ronald Reagan Parkway, Snellville, GA, on May 13, 2022
WatchMeGrow reports are so very useful for us. If there is a parent who is watching more video, several months after they first enrolled, there may be a reason for this. We ask our teachers to reflect on why that is and examine whether they still have a solid and trusting relationship with the family. We empower our teachers to do whatever is needed to reaffirm this trust. Our mission statement says that we are an extension of our customers’ families. And the camera system helps us deliver on that promise.
Reviewed by Jacquie Berard, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Staten Island-Great Kills, Staten Island, NY, on November 2, 2021
We love WatchMeGrow as do our families!
Reviewed by Amy Sauers, Director, Kiddie Academy of Abingdon, Kiddie Academy of Abingdon, MD, on October 29, 2021
Having our camera system really makes a difference not only for families but for myself as a director! I can use short clips to help with one-on-one coaching opportunities with my staff.
Reviewed by Kayla Dempsey, Director, Kiddie Academy of Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA, on October 28, 2021
This has been one of our biggest selling points! I came from a school where they did not have live streaming and parents consistently asked for it upon touring or after enrollment. This is such a great service especially for those first-time parents that need to have that extra ounce of security and reassurance while their little one is away at school.
Reviewed by Janel Work, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville, Royersford & Quakertown, PA, on October 28, 2021
We just signed our 3rd WatchMeGrow contract! Your services really make a difference in our families' lives. It allows our clients & staff to feel safe thanks to your DVR footage. Our local authorities even appreciate it! We do not know how we would operate without it!
Reviewed by Chetna Patel, Director, The Alphabet Club, Houston, TX, on June 24, 2021
WatchMeGrow provides a product that the families at our school just love and they always provide excellent customer service! The availability of WMG gives many families peace of mind when enrolling their child in school for the first time!
Reviewed by John Sweeney, Owner, Seattle Gymnastics Academy, Seattle, WA, on April 2, 2021
WatchMeGrow took a big issue off our plates. Local COVID protocols forbid parents in the building, ending 35 years of open-to-parents instruction. With WatchMeGrow, parents can still see what's going on and also see when their child achieves a skill – we send them the video of it.
Reviewed by Noemi Ramirez, Director, Smartkidz Childcare, New York, NY, on March 18, 2021
We are so pleased to offer streaming video to our families! I am very excited that WatchMeGrow offers our school free marketing materials and social media shout-outs to help me increase enrollments. Providing streaming video is a real competitive advantage for us.
Reviewed by Scott Werner, Owner, My Small Wonders, Edmond, OK, on July 8, 2020
We hope every school gets it. They all should have to. We had to call 911 yesterday for a child who passed out. It was WMG that allowed us to show the paramedics and parents exactly what happened. We love it. Nothing else provides this degree of partnership and peace of mind.
Reviewed by Tyisha Johnson, Assistant Director, La Petite Academy, Burning, AL, on November 20, 2019
WatchMeGrow is a great tool for any center to use not only for parents but for teachers and administrators.
Reviewed by Donna Jensen, Owner, The Learning Station, Myrtle Beach, SC, on October 10, 2019
We have been with WatchMeGrow for several years and have never had a single problem! Customer Service is fabulous!!! I highly recommend!!!!
Reviewed by Melissa Camuti, Director, Kids 'R' Kids, South Riding, VA, on October 10, 2019
This is a game changer at our child care center! Our administrative team and parents love having this system to help our children grow and thrive in our facility.
Reviewed by Amber Bishop, Director, Kids R Kids, Greer, SC, on October 10, 2019
WatchMeGrow gives our parents peace of mind when they leave their precious children in our facility. We enjoy selling our cameras and seeing the relief in a new parent's expression when they learn about our camera system.
Reviewed by Michele Seckinger, Owner, Kids R Kids, Greenville, SC, on October 10, 2019
WatchMeGrow is a major selling point for our schools. Everyone there is very pleasant to work with and very helpful. The quality of the video is excellent and the customer support is top notch.
Reviewed by Jordan Rodriguez-Winters, Young Scholars Academy, Colorado Springs, CO, on September 17, 2019
We hear great feedback and it really adds respect for what our teachers do. We always include it in our tours and parent absolutely love it. The system is great, we’ve never had any problems with it. When we need support they are always there. I would definitely recommend WatchMeGrow.
Reviewed by Melissa Alvarado, Director, New Wonders Learning Center, Middletown, NY, on August 30, 2019
I love WatchMeGrow! The best ever! Our families are secure in knowing that they have the option of staying connected and watching their children anytime. It allows them to virtually experience the safe and fun classroom engagement of their children. WatchMeGrow has enabled us to do this and has helped us in doubling our enrollment. As a director, it brings me great confidence and excitement knowing that our children and team are in the safest place they can be in, while growing and having fun!
Reviewed by Renee Schaefer, Director, Lightbridge Academy of Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, NJ, on August 19, 2019
This is a wonderful way for parents to see their child throughout the day! Parents and staff are very pleased to be able to see the children. Also helps with reviewing employees.
Reviewed by Jennifer Zhang, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Almaden Valley, CA, on June 26, 2019
WatchMeGrow is such an awesome program. It was super easy to set up. Support from the company has been quick and very helpful. The software interface is intuitive. Our parents love it. Not only do they have a peace of mind, but also they feel connected with their kids while they are away working. Having WatchMeGrow installed in our academy also sends parents a strong message that we are offering an honest and transparent service. We believe WatchMeGrow is one of the big deciding factors for many of our parents.
Reviewed by John Swartz, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Vancouver-Salmon Creek, WA, on March 15, 2019
The WatchMeGrow Marketing Kit arrived on Friday – incredibly impressive. I’m looking forward to sharing our partnership with families in my next newsletter!
Reviewed by Brett Bridle, Owner, Creative Children's Center, Myersville, MD, on February 1, 2019
It’s a main selling point for our school. Over half of our families use WatchMeGrow, especially younger families.
Reviewed by Kevin Elwell, Owner, Kids R Kids, Southshore, FL, on January 18, 2019
You are one of the best vendors I have ever worked with, not just childcare, but my whole career.
Reviewed by Donna Jensen, Owner, The Learning Station, Conway, SC, on January 7, 2019
We love our WatchMeGrow camera system. The quality is excellent and the convenience of having an app on the phone is so helpful!
Reviewed by Melissa, Director, Bullfrogs & Butterflies Christian Learning Center & Preschool, Portage, MI, on September 25, 2018
WatchMeGrow is such an amazing company! Anytime that we've had trouble with internet connection, a camera going down, not keeping up with a request to update a camera for a family, etc - they are ALWAYS on top of things! Today I was on the phone with Tech Support for over 2 hours (Dee is amazing by the way! ;)) and they were so kind and helpful to me! They were able to remotely resolve my problem for me. I recommend WatchMeGrow 100% - we are so lucky to have found them.
Reviewed by Namita Shah, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Gaithersburg, DC, on August 15, 2018
WatchMeGrow helps us enroll new families; it's a tremendous value from a parent's perspective. It seems like a very small investment to make in something that gives you a huge competitive advantage and a lot of peace of mind. On days that I work from home, it's wonderful to pop open the cameras in real-time and make sure I know how everything is going. It's also reassuring for me to know our management team has the tools to mentor and coach teachers that might be experiencing a challenge.
Reviewed by Ted Cockram, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Longwood-Lake Mary, FL, on August 9, 2018
In the morning when I wake up there are three things that I do: I check my texts, I check my emails, and I check WatchMeGrow. I want to get a temperature of what’s going on at the center so that I can see what I’m walking into before I actually get to the school. If there’s an issue then I’m able to come prepared.
Reviewed by Marina Wolf-Schmidt, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Lakewood Ranch, FL, on August 8, 2018
The investment in WatchMeGrow has done wonderful things for our business: it’s given us peace of mind, higher enrollments, and it absolutely helps us retain our customers longer.
Reviewed by Ben Fernandes, Owner, Kids 'R' Kids of Circa and Valrico, FL, on August 8, 2018
WatchMeGrow is an amazing product. It enables parents to see what their child’s day is like and experience that while they are busy at work. It has definitely generated a lot of enrollment. After the curriculum, it's the second most important thing that sells our schools.
Reviewed by Greta Hill, Director, Kids 'R' Kids of Valrico, FL, on August 8, 2018
WatchMeGrow helps me coach new teachers, it’s a great opportunity to show best practices and best examples at work. If you are in the classroom with a teacher doing observations, it tends to make them very nervous and I never want them to feel that way. I want them to see their true teaching style without hovering over them.
Reviewed by Nirali Patel, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Elkridge and Arnold, MD, on August 7, 2018
WatchMeGrow is a good investment for a business because it gives us peace of mind and the extra security needed for the building. We’re offering it to our parents so they are seeing their children grow and see the things that they’re doing on a day to day basis while they’re at work.
Reviewed by Vijay Ilavarasan, Owner, Kiddie Academy of Vancouver, WA, on July 27, 2018
The WatchMeGrow team is fantastic, especially the support team. The whole installation process was very professional; from inception all the way to getting it to work. It has been a really smooth experience and the video has never frozen on my phone. On Netflix or Amazon Prime, I’ve had things buffer, but never on WatchMeGrow. It has just worked flawlessly for every one of my parents and for me.
Reviewed by Devinder Singh, Owner, Kiddie Academy locations in Greater Seattle, WA, on July 26, 2018
One of the philosophies at our academy is to have built open and honest relations with parents. And one way we implement that is by having cameras in our centers. For anybody who is looking at starting a childcare center and wants to develop an open community and relationship with parents, I highly recommend that they implement WatchMeGrow.
Reviewed by Aaron Franco Ross, Director, Kiddie Academy of Mill Creek, WA, on July 26, 2018
WatchMeGrow always works; it never has not worked. Whenever we have any questions about it, the IT team from WatchMeGrow is right on it. When parents have any questions, I refer them directly and they can help. Questions are always answered immediately. From the first day, it was an easy extra tool that I had -- and all of a sudden I’ve got an eye in every classroom. It makes me feel like I've got a better handle on the day.
Reviewed by Katherine Montgomery, Director, Franklin, TN, on November 9, 2017
As a director for almost 4 years in a school with cameras, I have had an amazing experience with WatchMeGrow! From the ease of use for our families and administrators, to the quality of the picture, to the simple set up process for new families, they are wonderful. That said, my favorite thing about WatchMeGrow is the exceptional customer service! When a company is one of the only to provide a service in the industry, they can tend to lack in customer service because they know the demand is there regardless. But that has not been our experience. The team at WatchMeGrow is prompt, kind, and thorough to both our administrative teams, as well as our families! If you are looking for the best all-around in camera access in a preschool setting, this team really is the best around!
Reviewed by Lonnie Huston, Owner, Houston, TX, on August 10, 2017
We have loved working with WatchMeGrow over the last almost 20 years and promoting you to many other owners. You and your team have just done an exceptional job for us on all our schools over the years.
Reviewed by Raj Parkash, Owner, North Brunswick, NJ, on June 28, 2017
Most companies work on having satisfied customers but everyone at WatchMeGrow goes above and beyond providing regular services to create raving fans. It was a great decision to start business partnership with WatchMeGrow. Thank you for all you do to help us provide a great service to our customers!
Reviewed by Christy Miranda, Owner, Walker, LA, on May 4, 2016
I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome site and service at WatchMeGrow! I was hesitant at first since we weren’t located in the same state, but they quickly surpassed my expectations with their outstanding technical and customer care services. I was so impressed seeing the cameras go live- it was like watching color TV for the very first time! I couldn't be more happy with my decision to switch to WatchMeGrow!
Reviewed by Bridget Burgess, Director, Blairsville, GA, on February 12, 2016
What I love love most about WatchMeGrow is the convenience of being able to view all the cameras from my desk on the admin display. It helps me do my job as a director. I can be in 12 places at one time!
Reviewed by Margo, Assistant Director, Southwick, MA, on October 6, 2015
Excellent customer service! Very knowledgeable, helpful and polite staff. We have used Watch Me Grow for many years and have always been very impressed with the company and their product.
Reviewed by Cara, Assistant Director, Henrietta, NY, on October 6, 2015
Watch Me Grow is amazing!! It provides the greatest piece of mind for parents to leave their children when they are working. It is so difficult to do but with the cameras, parents can be there without physically being there. They can be a part of all the memories too!
Reviewed by William, Owner, Lubbock, TX, on October 6, 2015
This is by far the best system on the market! I have over 250 people who use this system daily, and everyone is always so pleased!!!
Reviewed by Ted Cockram, Owner, Longwood, FL, on September 14, 2015
Our experience with WatchMeGrow has been great! We purchased an existing center that had a closed-circuit system and John and his team worked diligently to ensure we found the most efficient way to utilize existing equipment. The most surprising aspect was the response from our families. We constantly receive rave reviews from our parents expressing how much they love the reassurance that we have cameras in each classroom. I frequently praise WMG to my colleagues and would recommend their cameras and service to anyone looking for top tier service and equipment!
Reviewed by Namita Shah, Owner, Gaithersburg, MD, on August 25, 2015
WatchMeGrow is a differentiating factor, not many of our competitors offer this type of service. In our community, we have grandparents living overseas and many parents who travel; it's something I would have loved to have had when my children were small!
Reviewed by Steve Brown, Owner, Kids R Kids, Keller, TX, on February 5, 2015
We LOVE it! We’ve been with WatchMeGrow for a long time and we couldn’t be happier. We deliver the best childcare possible and WatchMeGrow truly helps us show it off. Our families and staff appreciate the investment we’ve made in WatchMeGrow.
Reviewed by Michelle Gregurich, Director, San Antonio, TX, on November 21, 2014
So, far very pleased with all the aspects of your service. Easy to use, flexible and convent, very customizable to our needs
Reviewed by Rob Waszazak, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Delran, NJ, on June 11, 2014
When we ask our parents why they decided to enroll with us, WatchMeGrow streaming video is consistently their number one answer. Without question WatchMeGrow has been and is one of the most successful marketing and retention programs we have. We couldn’t be happier with WatchMeGrow and neither could our parents.
Reviewed by Jayesh Patel, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Hoboken, Secaucus, Florham Park, NJ, on May 14, 2014
WatchMeGrow streaming video is a good tool, our parents are at ease immediately. They are able to see the great care and education we provide first-hand. Our teachers love it too, they feel more secure and able to do their jobs better with WatchMeGrow.
Reviewed by Elayne D. Neal, Director, Kiddie Academy, O’Fallon, MO, on March 15, 2014
As a new academy, I find that the WatchMeGrow program is a big selling point for our inquiring families. Touring families are always impressed and wowed by the WatchMeGrow technology, having the camera views on display in our lobby is impressive! All of our enrolled infant families are using WatchMeGrow, which is one of our unique features and another reason they select our Kiddie Academy over our competitors!
Reviewed by Pin On Lo, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Framingham, MA, on February 28, 2014
WatchMeGrow is the best investment we made in our academy. Many of the parents sign up because of WatchMeGrow. They like the idea that the director, owner, parents, grandparents, and relatives are able to watch their children in the classroom.
Reviewed by Marina Wolf-Schmidt, Owner, Kiddie Academy, Lakewood Ranch, FL, on February 20, 2014
We are very pleased with WatchMeGrow. As a business owner, I particularly love their excellent customer service and quick turn-around. It is totally an advantage having the web camera when seeking to enroll prospective families. It is usually one of the top three priorities for families when they enroll – especially for first-time moms in the infant room. WatchMeGrow is a tremendous competitive advantage in our local market.
Reviewed by Bart Sutherin, Owner, Kids R Kids, Clermont, FL, on February 17, 2014
WatchMeGrow is fantastic. The video quality is much better than competitors, the system is much better and more stable. The site is easier to use and more polished. I could go on and on. Overall, they simply deliver a better experience.
Reviewed by Malak Agha, Owner, Kids R Kids, West Allan, TX, on February 14, 2014
As a mom, I was sold immediately on the idea when I watched the streaming video. Providing online streaming video is now an expectation from parents of children in childcare.
Reviewed by Jerry Hulburt, Owner, Kids R Kids, Champions, Spring, TX, on January 26, 2014
With our previous online viewing systems, access was limited to actual computers (e.g. desktop, laptop). With WatchMeGrow, our parents love that they can view our classrooms from any device including iPads and smartphones. In addition, the video quality they experience over our high-speed Internet connection is dramatically better than our previous service.

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