How It Works

A Camera System Built for Your Business

Find out what's "in the box" and how affordable it is to get started, whether or not you have cameras already.

What You Get with WatchMeGrow

Software & Support

Software built for ECE:

  • Recorded video + audio for admins
  • Automated camera access settings for families
  • App-only viewing for families optional
  • Screenshot detection and prevention for family users
  • Reports give admins data for login dates and times, daily usage stats, and more
  • The most secure camera platform in ECE verified through an extensive IT audit

Customer support for your families:

  • Focus on your business: We answer tens of thousands of support calls every year from your families.

Technical support for you and your team:

  • No need for you to manage IT: We handle questions ranging from maintenance needs, local networks, and your internet service provider.


Whether you need a new system of cameras or your school already has cameras and needs to upgrade, we build on what you've got and only add what you need.

Our hardware includes:

  • FHD IP Interior and Exterior Cameras

  • WatchMeGrow Video Server

  • PoE Network Switch, Data Patch Panel, Heavy-Duty Surge Strip, Wall-Mount Server Rack

  • WatchMeGrow TV Media Player (optional)

Wiring & Installation

Our team of professional installers are local to you and trusted partners to us. We've installed thousands of systems across the country and we’ve made our installation process quick and easy.

On average, your system will be up and running within two weeks of your purchase date.

If you are not satisfied 100 days after installation, we'll refund the cost of your hardware, remove it at our expense, and cancel your agreement.

Easy Steps to Your New Camera System

Camera Plan

We'll design a camera plan to meets your goals, taking into account the cameras you may already have.


After you approve the plan budget, we'll arrange professional installation with a local team.


Onboarding with your team will name cameras, train them on the software, and get ready to launch.

Re-use the cameras you have.

More than 25% of WatchMeGrow customers started with another camera system. In many cases, we can work with your wiring and hardware. Find out more »

It depends on the camera type.

  • If you have Analog Cameras: Typically we can reuse analog cameras if they are operational. Our professional installer puts in the WatchMeGrow server and, in most cases, we can have your running system the same day.
  • If you have IP Cameras: We’ll review the cameras using the make and model number to determine whether they are compatible with WatchMeGrow software. If they are compatible, we’ll ask you to ship (at no cost to you) one of your cameras to us. Our developer will test it with our software and make the necessary programming changes to your WatchMeGrow server. This ensures that your IP cameras operate properly after you launch WatchMeGrow.

Yes. When you reuse existing wiring, our warranty extends to the cameras, server, and any other hardware we install. The warranty will exclude your existing wiring. If your wiring is aging, we may inspect it and recommend that you replace it to prevent future problems.

You’ll need a WatchMeGrow Server. Our server uses WatchMeGrow software to enable streaming video from your location, record and store the video. It offers built recording for 2 to 8 weeks of stored video. (Your capacity of recorded video depends on the number of cameras and their quality settings.) Additional space is available for purchase.

Our server is the engine that allows WatchMeGrow software to deliver all the features, including streaming video from your location securely over the web to your customers. 

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