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Screenshot Detection and Protection

The privacy of your staff and the children in your care is important. That’s why our terms of service prohibit users from taking screenshots or screen recordings of video streaming from your school. 

What does WatchMeGrow Screenshot Detection do?

The WatchMeGrow app detects and protects against screenshots and video recording. On a user attempt, a message displays indicating that screenshots are a violation of our terms of service. 


Do I need to turn WatchMeGrow screenshot detection on for my school?

No action is needed; it’s a standard universal feature for all family users of the WatchMeGrow app. 

Optional Feature: Schools may choose to auto-disable a user account after a given number of screenshots. To opt in to this feature and set the number of screenshot attempts permitted before accounts are disabled contact our Support Team and we’ll set it up for you.


Does it work on both iOS and Android versions of the WatchMeGrow app?

Screenshot prevention works differently between iOS and Android as determined by Apple and Google. Specifically:

  • Both iOS and Android users are blocked from screen recording video.
  • Android users are blocked from taking a screenshot.
  • iOS users are presented with a message when they take a screenshot, however, Apple's iOS will make it available to the user in their Photos.


Does this work differently for admin users of the app?

The feature is active for family users only. Admin users are permitted to take screenshots and screen record.


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