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Screenshot and Video Recording Protection

To support our privacy policy, the WatchMeGrow app detects and protects against screenshots and video recording.

The privacy of children in your care is so important. That’s why our terms of service prohibit users from taking screenshots or recordings of video streaming from your school. With our privacy feature that detects and protects against screenshots and video recording, we’re doing even more to protect privacy.

Due to the differing capabilities of iOS and Android as determined by Apple and Google, the feature works differently between the two mobile platforms. Specifically:

For Android Users: Our privacy feature prevents recording video, and prevents screenshots of video from being taken within the app.

For iOS Users: Our privacy feature prevents recording video. It also detects when a screenshot is taken within the app, and immediately displays a message indicating that screenshots are a violation of our terms of service. Users must click "OK" to resume use of the app. You may also choose to auto-disable a user account after a given number of screenshots (please have your school owner contact our Support Team to set up auto-disable).


Screenshot Protection FAQs

Is the feature in place for all users?

The default privacy feature is live for all users of our latest iOS and Android apps. There is no action required to turn it on. However, auto-disable is an extra feature. If you would like to set up auto-disable, please have your school owner contact our Support Team.

Are users notified with a message that they cannot take a screenshot or record video?

  • iOS and Android users are blocked from recording video.
  • Android users are blocked from taking a screenshot.
  • iOS users are presented with a message when they take a screenshot. This happens with and without auto-disable set up.

Does this work differently for admin users of the app?

The feature is active for parent users only. Admin users are able to take screenshots.


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Our development team continually adds new software features based on our customers' needs. As we innovate, this feature and others will evolve to include even more ways to help you run your childcare business better.


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