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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

How to Raise Tuition without Raising Eyebrows

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  1. Enrolling a new family at your school is wonderful. You're growing your business sharing what you love. But it's not always comfortable selling yourself. Here are 3 non-salesy sales techniques to accomplish just that.

  2. WatchMeGrow offers all the functionality of a high-end security camera system within your system to help run your business better and more safely.

  3. As a small business owner, you likely approach each new year with an eye towards growth. We’ve compiled a list of resolutions for your business to bring in this year with a clear mind and a fresh focus on growth.

  4. Your lobby makes a great first impression with every touring family that comes through your doors. Add this beautiful poster to market your streaming video-and it's free!

  5. Recruiting new families is not the only way to grow your business. Each enrolled family you can retain for the long term means more profit for your bottom line. We've got three easy ways to delight them and help them want to stay.

  6. Retaining your best staff is the key to building success. If you have a strong team of superstar teachers, use these tactics to keep them for the long term.

  7. Punctuality is a valuable trait that helps your business run better and increases your bottom line. Try these steps to build a team that is on time , all the time.

  8. In any sales situation, having a plan for what to do if your service is declined can make it easier to handle. And it can give you productive ways to win their business in the future.

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