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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

2021 Child Care Business Rebound: Creative Ways to Help It Along

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  1. Connected devices can pose a risk of unwanted access. Know the critical questions to ask to be sure your streaming video system is safe and everyone's privacy is protected.

  2. This growing family of 23 early learning centers uses WatchMeGrow as a tool to make sure there is quality and consistency every day, in every classroom, at every school. Find out how they've reached their success.

  3. Our privacy feature protects against screenshots and recording on the WatchMeGrow app. The privacy of the children in your care is critical and we're doing even more to protect it.

  4. Internet connected devices in your school—including video cameras—can leave your customer data vulnerable. We take more precautions than any other streaming video provider to ensure that you won't have to worry when you use our software. Our newly-published white paper on video and data security gives you a primer on this important topic that is vital to the health of your business.

  5. Our warranty is comprehensive and covers the replacement of equipment, usually within 48 hours, including technician travel for repairs. If you’re unsure whether your WatchMeGrow system has warranty coverage, we can help.

  6. Teachers know that children need the freedom to experience a range of emotions to help them develop into happy, independent students. We work with thousands of schools and have gathered the best advice to help communicate effectively with families on this topic and have a healthy, prosperous business.

  7. WatchMeGrow offers all the functionality of a high-end security camera system within your system to help run your business better and more safely.

  8. Your lobby makes a great first impression with every touring family that comes through your doors. Add this beautiful poster to market your streaming video-and it's free!

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