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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

3 Creative Ways to WOW Families & Increase Retention

WatchMeGrow is a great sales tool, it helps convert tours for thousands of schools that use it every day. We know this because more than 80% of surveyed families report that WatchMeGrow is among the top three reasons they enroll in their preschool or childcare center.

But did you know that it can also cement long-term relationships with your enrolled families? Recruiting new families is an expensive process which means each family you retain for the long term means more profit for your bottom line.

Connected families are happy families. Try these ideas to boost retention at your school:

Make a date with class parents.
Ask parents to log in at a specified time and watch a special event in the classroom. A song in American Sign Language, a game on the playground, or a parade of tricycles are all real events schools have live-streamed to adoring parents. 

Get personal.
Empower your teaching staff to connect one-on-one with a parent when they see a need. Two ideas teachers can use today:

  • If a new student has made great strides in overcoming separation anxiety, ask their parent to log in from the parking lot. They will see a social butterfly with their own eyes! It’s a wonderful send-off for mom or dad.
  • Let a parent know what time you’ll be on the playground so that they can log in to see their child master the climbing bars.

Get social.
Use your TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook feed to periodically tell parents that there is something fantastic happening in a classroom.

  • Are the kiddos in your 3’s room are learning to cook? Post that as a message with a photo and ask parents in the classroom to log onto WatchMeGrow and watch it live. Parents of children in the school will love it, and parents of children who are not enrolled with you? They will wish that they were.

Retention is a commonly overlooked strategy for growing a business. You worked hard to get your customers, keeping them will keep your business more profitable.


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