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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

Retention Boost: How Streaming Video Can Help

WatchMeGrow is an excellent tool to foster lasting connections with your families. Here’s why:

Streaming video keeps your parents talking.

Happy customers are your best referral source. Moms and dads love to talk about their children. When parents can share details of their child’s day with friends and family, they’re giving your center a powerful personal endorsement that no review site can match.

Your staff’s commitment to quality matters.

Real-time streaming video is the perfect way to demonstrate the extraordinary level of care and education your school provides. Even something as simple as seeing a teacher work on lesson plans during nap time makes a statement about your school.

Transparency is a competitive advantage.

By encouraging your parents to use WatchMeGrow, you’ll be reminding them of the commitment you make to transparency and parent involvement. Should a family be tempted to consider another childcare option, your use of WatchMeGrow can help convince them of your school’s advantages over your competition.

We surveyed parents who use WatchMeGrow and they confirmed what we knew to be true: offering this service is one the most compelling tools to maintain and build your enrollment.

WatchMeGrow allows your center to share important moments with parents, and help them feel connected with their children no matter where they are.


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