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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

4K Streaming at Childcare Centers: What To Consider

You might be considering using the highest quality 4K cameras for your ECE center, thinking that they'd offer the best video experience for families. After all, why not invest in hardware that has a more current, better-quality version, right?

While 4K video promises outstanding quality, there are some key considerations to be aware of before making the leap.

Internet Speed Matters

Most importantly, your center's internet speed capability is critical. For 4K video to stream effectively, each camera needs about 2-4 Mbps of bandwidth. The calculation to determine how much bandwidth is needed has many variables, here's a simple and common example:

A childcare center has 10 classrooms and 25 total cameras. On average, there are about 20 parents logged in and watching videos at one time throughout the day. To support 4K cameras, this school will need a speed of at least 80 Mbps to avoid glitches or downtime for their users. This might require upgrading their internet package, which comes with added costs.

The Family Viewing Experience

While 4K videos sound enticing, the reality is a little more complicated. Most parents will be viewing the streams on their smartphones. Here's the tricky part:

Wi-Fi Dependent: For a smooth streaming experience, parents would ideally need to be connected to wifi. Streaming over mobile data will not be as fluid.
Device Limitations: Not all phones support 4K resolution. Even if they do, smaller screens might not showcase the quality difference between 4K and regular HD. This means many parents won't experience the enhanced quality you're investing in.

Before You Decide

It's always tempting to aim for the highest quality when it comes to technology. However, for childcare centers considering 4K streaming, weighing the benefits against the potential challenges is crucial. 

While 4K cameras offer unparalleled quality, ensuring a smooth experience for all parents requires considerable investment in both technology and infrastructure. Before making a decision, consider the actual needs of your center and the parents, and if 4K will genuinely enhance their experience.


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