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How to Build a Team that Values Punctuality

Punctuality is a virtue that is valued by everyone--in business and in life. In your business, it’s a critical part of the quality care you deliver. If it seems like a daunting task to get your entire team to value it as much as you do, try some of these approaches:

#1. Be on time yourself.

Too obvious? Perhaps. But it cannot be said enough that if you want it to be important to your team, show them it’s important to you. Be consistently on time; everyone will notice. More importantly, everyone will notice when you're NOT on time. And that can have big impact too.

#2. Set the expectation clearly.

Tell your team the specifics of the arrival time for everyone. Establish what it means, specifically, when you say “on time.” For example, arriving in the parking lot at 8 am is likely not your definition, but being in the classroom with your personal items put away and ready to start your day at 8 am is. Be specific.

#3. Ask for help.

Ask employees for their input on what motivates them to come to work on time. Consider the ideas that seem logical and effective and use them to create ownership among your team.

For example, many teams ask staff to be ready for work 5 minutes before families arrive in the morning. During this time they hold a brief stand-up meeting to get on the same page and share important information. Some teams will use this time to stretch or set a positive tone for the day. This will help you accomplish your goal in the long run.

#4. Talk about it at the interview.

Establish the importance of being punctual during interviews with new staff. Even before you've offered them a position on the team, they will be clear on the high value you place on being on time and that it will contribute to their success on your team.


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