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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

Is Your Childcare Streaming Video System Secure?

Streaming video has evolved into a feature that is in high demand by today’s target consumer of childcare services. Industry forecasters predict it will continue to be the norm. Millennial parents are digital natives who prioritize transparency and connectivity in their purchase decisions, making streaming video a standard feature in today’s childcare industry.

This connectivity can open your childcare business to serious risk if you choose an unsecure software product. Connected devices, including streaming cameras, are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) that has exposed vulnerabilities in network systems, data security, and privacy.

The threat carries extra weight in the childcare industry, where privacy and security are paramount. Data breaches in the U.S. are growing: the total number of exposed records increased by a staggering 126% from 2017 to 2018 and included major companies like Target, Sony, and Adidas. Small businesses are vulnerable too, and a data breach could cause irreparable harm. Threats include ransomware, data mining, and public access to private video feeds.  

You can avoid these threats by choosing the right streaming video provider. Our newly published white paper on video and data security gives you a primer on this important topic that is vital to the health of your business.


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