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WatchMeGrow Product Warranty Protects Your Investment

Our warranty is comprehensive and covers the replacement of equipment, usually within 48 hours, including technician travel for repairs. If you're sunsure whethr your WatchMeGrow camera system has warranty coverage, email us to find out. 

How does the WatchMeGrow Warranty work?
Our warranty covers the replacement of all installed equipment, labor, and travel at no cost to you. If your school installed some of your own equipment as, our Customer Support team can help you determine which parts are under warranty. Often, we can even replace hardware that was not originally provided by us.

What does the warranty cover?
Our warranty covers any equipment we installed including cameras, servers, wiring, and televisions. It covers all “normal use” (aside from non-warranty exceptions) of WatchMeGrow hardware. There are standard warranty exclusions that include vandalism, rodent damage, or weather related damage that are not covered. Call our Customer Support team to find out more.

When I have an issue, what should I do?
The first step is to call our Customer Support team. Often, we can help you troubleshoot over the phone in a few minutes and either solve the problem. If we cannot solve it by phone, our team will arrange for a service visit.

I don’t have a warranty. Can I add one now?
Yes! Contact our team and we’ll tell you how you can add this protection warranty to your WatchMeGrow system. Email us at or call 800.483.5587.


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