The Big Picture

Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

  1. Returning to the pre-pandemic state of business may not happen as quickly we wish. All of us have been impacted on a deeply personal level and making important decisions take time for your customers. Encourage recovery with these creative ideas.

  2. As you’re planning your reopening and the eventual ramp up of students in your school, our Customer Support team can help so that your WatchMeGrow camera system is functioning as the valuable tool it was before in keeping parents connected and helping you convert family tours into enrollments.

  3. Your network of other business owners is more valuable than ever. There are things to be learned from each other and planned together. There is strength in numbers and now is the time to figure out how to support each other to succeed after this crisis ends.

  4. Think back to the weeks leading up to the opening of your childcare business. You spent long days and nights equipping your classrooms, arranging furniture, and creating signage. Once we emerge from this crisis, your business will have a second grand opening. Now is the time to prepare for its success.

  5. As you begin to plan recovery for your business, the most important goal will be to stay engaged with the enrolled families at your school. Even if they are at home or you are closed for the time being, this relationship is one to be nurtured. This group is critical to your future success.

  6. Even through this profound crisis, your school will be planning for new enrollments. But in-person tours at your school may be ruled out for the near future. Use your WatchMeGrow streaming camera system to give families a wonderful virtual tour experience, while practicing social distancing.