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How to Stay Engaged with Your Childcare Business Customers and Bring Them Back

The Starting Point to a Healthy Recovery for Your Childcare Business

This global pandemic has brought out some of the most kind and compassionate human behavior we’ll ever witness. As a business owner, you’ve been given an opportunity to pass along the compassion and the kindness to the people who trust you most: your center’s enrolled families. 

As you begin to plan recovery for your business, the most important goal will be to stay engaged with the enrolled families at your school. Even if they are at home or you are closed for the time being, this relationship is one to be nurtured. This group is critical to your future success. 

Here are the most effective ideas from our partner schools around the country on how best to accomplish this. 


1. Create a private Facebook group for families.

You can create a Facebook group for the entire school, or separate groups by classroom. That gives parents who already know each other well a place to connect, share how they’re feeling, and offer helpful information. 

Directors and teachers can post content, photos, and talk with each family. Be sure that you assign an admin to moderate and contribute fresh content to the conversation daily.


2. Host a weekly virtual storytime.

We know that kids thrive on routines, and right now they are missing their friends and teachers at school. Set a regular date and time for stories and invite families to log in to enjoy a comforting story from a familiar face. Use a paid Zoom account for easy, one-click access for families or Google Hangouts for free access. 


3. Send a personal, handwritten card to each family.

A handwritten card lets each family know how much they mean to you. Name their child and include a personal anecdote; this is one of the most effective and authentic methods of connection. Families and children alike delight in receiving personal messages in the (real, physical) mail. During this crisis, we’re relying on modern technology to do so much and a handwritten surprise can cut through a lot of noise and leave a wonderful impression. If your school's capacity is high, this may seem like a daunting job. Sending these greetings can be done slowly, over time, and still be effective.


Once you are open for business in a more normal environment, some families may consider alternative options. How you nurture your relationship with them today will make all the difference in their decision to stay with you.


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