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Build Enrollments: Sales Techniques That Really Work

You’re in the business of getting enrollments. That means part of your job is sales. Getting beyond the ick-factor of “sales” in ECE is important. You have a lot to offer; selling it is how you deliver it. And grow your business.

Childcare Coach Kris Murray points out that by not using proven techniques and follow-up routines, "you're actually pushing your potential customers...into the hands of your competition."

So how do you or the staff you're training get in the right frame of mind to do this? After the tour is over, it’s your time to get the enrollment. It’s time to close the sale.

Here are 3 ways to get enrollments without feeling pushy: 


The Summary Close

You just showed a prospective family all of the features and benefits of enrolling in your school. The summary close retells the story of "why.

For example, “Our curriculum focuses on kindergarten readiness, we have indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and you can check in on your child anytime using WatchMeGrow streaming video. What day would you like to start?”

Prepare your story and commit it to memory; this will give you a chance to write the summary that feels most compelling. Train all of your staff that gives tours to use it.


The Question Close

Every touring family has a unique set of priorities. After spending time with them on the phone and in person, you have a pretty good sense of what this is. Ask an overarching question at the end of your conversation that serves to remind them why your school is the right place for them.

Try these:

  • “This is your first time considering a childcare center, will checking in on your daughter using our streaming video service help give you the peace of mind you are looking for?”
  • “Your daughter thrives on music. Do our music curriculum and enrichment programs feel like a good opportunity to help her develop this?”
  • “Can you see your son benefiting from the kindergarten prep program here?”


The "Proof is in the Pudding" Close

Retailers selling products use warranties to help customers overcome their fear of taking a risk. There are no warranties in ECE, but a camera system comes close. 

When you offer streaming cameras, you give families instant trust in knowing you mean it when you say you’re the best choice. They can check in anytime and see for themselves.

Try these:

  • "The decision you're making is very important. There are so many worries on your mind. Our streaming camera system is here to help alleviate those worries."
  • "It's hard to know which school is best after many tours. We're hoping that when you choose us, the streaming cameras will show you that everything we told you on your tour actually happens here every day."

Families understand that they will make the best decision they can with the information they have. They select your school, then look for signs they did the right thing over time using your commitment to transparency.


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