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How to Use Facebook and Instagram to Grow Your Childcare Business

Parents are particularly avid users of Facebook and Instagram and it's an affordable place to use advertising budget to reach them. Moms lead the way, checking in with social media an average of five or more times every day, more than any other demographic.  And, according to the latest Arbitron research, Facebook is the number one tool that moms choose to connect with local business. 

Getting Started is Easy

If you are a franchise owner, it’s possible that your brand marketing team may have a Facebook and Instagram plan that’s ready to implement.  If so, that’s a great place to start.  

If you’re an independent school or there isn’t a template to follow, start with our simple, step-by-step process.

Follow these tips to supercharge your social marketing efforts:

Post photos every day and follow the 80/20 rule
Social media is like an infant, it needs to be fed and nurtured frequently to thrive. Post once a day and be sure that 80 percent of your posts are photos or resources meant to inform your community, and no more than 20 percent of your posts are sales or enrollment focused. Being to aggressive in selling or calling for enrollments can turn your page into noise that followers may eventually tune out. Instead, be a resource on all things early learning, at home activities, successes in the classrooms, and heartfelt messages from your staff. 

Upload Videos to Your Facebook Page
Uploaded videos (as opposed to links to YouTube) are popular with both Facebook users and their all-important algorithm that helps to determine how many times your content is viewed.  Consider adding short video clips to highlight a special celebration or even a lesson in progress.  Parents love to see what’s happening at school. In addition, WatchMeGrow can provide you with our animated video to share and remind parents about your commitment to safety and security. Contact us to find out how.

Promote Your Posts
By using the social network's paid advertising platform, you have the ability to reach many more people within a budget you choose. Promoted posts are posts you pay a small fee to put in the news feeds of people who don't currently like your page, but fit your target audience. With even a very small budget, promoted posts can go a long way toward getting attention from your target audience.

Run Advertising Campaigns
Creating Facebook ads is easier than you may think--and they automatically display on Instagram whether you have an Instagram profile or not. Using the site’s simple self-service platform, you can choose from several templates to create ads that will send users to your website, where you can deliver even more information.  You’re able to precisely target who will see your ad by selecting the zip codes, age range and other demographics of the people you wish to reach. Get started here with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Use Resources from our Marketing Toolkit

Our toolkit is full of downloadable elements you can use to be sure your market knows you offer WatchMeGrow streaming video. 

Artwork for Facebook
We offer a range of professionally designed art you can use in posts and ads on Facebook. Download them here. 

Animated Video for Facebook
As a WatchMeGrow center, you can also use our explainer video as part of your Facebook ad, giving you the benefits of a video ad without any of the cost.

For more information about Facebook advertising, visit the Facebook For Business page.


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