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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

5 Ways to Super Charge Your Fall Enrollment

Fall is your peak enrollment season and WatchMeGrow streaming video builds instant trust with touring families.

Here are a few ways you can use WatchMeGrow as part of your tour with new families and help turn them into happily enrolled families:

Make WatchMeGrow a planned tour stop in your lobby.

When you stop, cycle through the cameras in each room to show all the areas that are monitored. Many directors tell us that our service is one of the top reason parents choose their center over their competitors.

Demo the WatchMeGrow app on a school iPad or tablet.

Parents will see how easy it is to log on and be a part of their child’s day. Remind parents that the WatchMeGrow mobile app is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices.

Share a typical day’s schedule.

Let parents know what happens in the classroom and suggest times parents may want to log in during the day. For example, tell them when they can see morning circle time, outdoor play, or a special craft. Families can get a glimpse of their child doing what they love.

Remind parents that WatchMeGrow streaming video is secure.

WatchMeGrow data is encrypted and only authorized viewers with a secure access code can see their child’s classroom. When you tell them your priority is on privacy and security it demonstrates your overall commitment to providing the highest quality care and education.

Include grandparents!

Suggest that parents consider setting up a secure WatchMeGrow account for grandparents who are often eager to connect with their grandchildren. While this is particularly true for out-of-town grandparents, in-town grandparents are just as interested in seeing what’s happening in the classroom each day.


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