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How to Do Virtual Tours During Social Distancing at your Childcare Center

We’re all learning to modify our normal routines and processes to allow for the social distancing needed to get through this troubling coronavirus (COVID-19) global crisis. We’ll get through it together, and with each other’s help.

Even through this uncertainty, your childcare center will be planning for new enrollments. But in-person tours at your school may be ruled out for the time being. 

You can use your WatchMeGrow streaming camera system to give prospective families a wonderful virtual tour experience, while practicing social distancing. Show touring families the classroom their child will join, watch teachers interact with students, and see the other children in the class.

Follow these steps to create an account and start giving virtual tours. Consider advertising your virtual tours via social media (you can use this image). And of course, contact our Customer Support Team if you'd like help.


Step 1: Create a New Family Account Only for Virtual Tours*

  • Log in and create a new family account.
  • Select a name related to your center that will clearly show it as a tour account to other admins. For example: “ABC Learning Center Tour.” This will also make it easier to delete if you stop using virtual tours.
    • IMPORTANT FOR SYSTEM SECURITY: Never use a parent email for this tour account. Instead always use an email that only your school admins have access to. 
  • Add a child (use the name "Future Student") to the account, and assign classrooms and spaces that will be toured.
  • Use this account for all tours you plan to do virtually. There is no need to add an additional child each time you schedule a tour.

*Step 1 above is for schools that use our most recent version of WatchMeGrow. If you are on an older version you can create a new family account here. To activate this new account, log in as an admin user, then go to the Requests section and approve it. 


Step 2: Give the New Tour Account Special Permissions

  • Allow access only to the classrooms and common spaces you designate for the tour.
  • If your school has playgrounds or common areas that are important for tours, we can add them even if enrolled families don’t have access. Contact our Customer Support Team and we’ll create access specifically for virtual tours.


Step 3: Schedule a Virtual Tour with the Family

  • Schedule a tour with a prospective family as you normally would – just arrange to meet by phone. Ask them to be in front of their computer for the phone call and virtual tour.
  • Notify the classroom teachers in the rooms where you’ll give the family access so that they are prepared to be observed.
  • In your tour confirmation email, link the family to
  • Share the username and password to the Tour Account with the family via phone to ensure security. Instruct them to log in.
  • During your tour call, talk the family through the school while they watch the live video.
  • As soon as the tour is over, immediately change the password for the Tour Account.
    • IMPORTANT FOR SYSTEM SECURITY: Some parents may ask to visit the Tour Account later, for example, when their spouse is available to view. We strongly advise against this for security reasons. Instead, set up a second appointment with a new password. 


Virtual tours may be just the tool you need to get through this time, and could even be an alternative you can use in the future. This crisis has forced almost all businesses to adapt. The things we learn throughout it may be strategies we keep long after this is over. 


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