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Survey Says: Families Love WatchMeGrow

Almost 200,000 families across the country use WatchMeGrow to stay connected to their children during the day. We hear from many happy families every day, see what they have to say about WatchMeGrow. 

This year, we surveyed our families and asked them to tell us how it has impacted their lives. This is what we found:

75% of parents said that the availability of WatchMeGrow was one of the primary reasons they enrolled at their childcare center or that it influenced them greatly.

“When my daycare center raised their rate, my husband and I considered switching schools. We found another center we liked a lot (actually, may have liked more) that was less money but that did not have WatchMeGrow. Ultimately, we decided to stay at our current school for the sole reason of its use of WatchMeGrow.”

“We were considering hiring a nanny to work in our home, but we felt the WatchMeGrow system would offer a much higher level of accountability.”

“This feature is the most wonderful thing ever! It means so much to me to be able to just peek in on my kiddo's throughout the day and see that they are happy.”

86% of parents report that they’ve given positive feedback to a teacher or center director after seeing something wonderful happen using WatchMeGrow streaming video. 

“I share this great event with my friends. I appreciate the great things happening.”

“The teachers treat the children with such love, and they help them develop their learning skills.”

“The classrooms are always so neat and orderly. Big compliment to the teachers – they are always cleaning tables and sweeping. You can see that you have caring professional  teachers working with the children.”

35% of parents surveyed said they would not enroll in a center that does not offer WatchMeGrow.

“There's too much comfort associated with seeing my child throughout the day; I don't think I could enroll him in a school that didn't allow me that luxury and comfort.”

“Having WatchMeGrow could be a decision-maker if torn between two.”

“After having it, I wouldn't go anywhere without it.”

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