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Camera System Rescue: Save when you Switch

You’ve invested in a camera system that is not delivering. What now?

More than 25% of schools that offer WatchMeGrow today started with a different camera system. Some installed a set of cameras and were unable to offer families the seamless experience of streaming video on their own. Others used a camera security system product designed for a non-child care application that fell short.

If this describes your situation, there is a way forward without losing everything you’ve already invested. Here are the most commonly asked questions from other owners in similar situations.

Can I reuse my cameras?

In most cases the answers is yes! First determine what type of camera you already have:

If you have Analog Cameras: We can use your existing cameras so long as they do not use proprietary wiring.  How do I know?  If your analog cameras utilize black coaxial wiring, we can use them. Our professional installer will install the WatchMeGrow server and, in most cases, we can have your new system running the same day.

If you have IP Cameras: We’ll do a review using the make and model number of your camera to determine whether they are compatible with WatchMeGrow software. If they are compatible, we’ll ask you to ship (at no cost to you) one of your cameras to us. Our developer will test it with our software and make the necessary programming changes to your WatchMeGrow server to ensure all of your IP cameras operate properly after you launch WatchMeGrow.

Can I reuse my wiring?

Yes. When you reuse existing wiring, our warranty extends to the cameras, server, and other products we install. It will exclude your existing wiring. If your wiring is aging, we may recommend that you replace it to prevent future problems.

What do I need to buy to convert to WatchMeGrow?

All you need is a WatchMeGrow Streaming Video Server.

I already have a DVR, why do I need a WatchMeGrow server?

Our server is the engine that allows video from your center to be streamed securely over the web for your families, using our software. It also includes a DVR recording function.


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