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Help Parents Handle Morning Drop-Off Like Ninjas

When a child has separation anxiety at preschool drop-off, it can wreak havoc on emotions and make for a terrible start to everyone’s day. It's a normal part of development and can happen anytime, even for children who have been attending your school for some time.

Share these tips with families to give them some proven ideas on how to cope if it's happening to them. 

Check in with the teacher.

Have a conversation about how they handle separation anxiety. Every teacher has their own approach, and knowing yours will make you feel better. This anxiety is as much yours as it is your child’s, and the more you know, the more relaxed you’ll feel.

Become an early bird.

Children who are tired or hungry are ripe for being sad at drop off. Leave extra time for a snack or breakfast to get past the groggy stage. Get to school early for bit more quiet calm in the classroom before other children arrive.

Dive into an activity.

This classic distraction technique works well at this age and helps your child find something they love in the classroom. Work with your child’s teacher to find an activity she can begin immediately at drop off. Occupying her interests can help her merge smoothly into her day.

Always say goodbye.

Even if she’s busy, be sure you say goodbye before you leave. Avoid the temptation to sneak off. Doing this can lead to a sudden realization that you’re gone and can cause even more fear and uncertainty.

Make a big deal at your reunion.

Have a party at pick-up time. Remind her that you are always there at the end of the day and heap praise on her for the great day she had with friends. Over time, this routine will give her the confidence she needs to have a tear-free morning.

It’s perfectly normal to cry.

It's okay for a child to cry at drop off; typically most children become actively engaged with play, friends, a teacher, or a snack within 10-15 minutes after a parent leaves. See for yourself by checking in with WatchMeGrow throughout the day.


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