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Apps That Help Families Preserve Summer Memories

Summer is a busy season for families with vacations, friends, and plenty of outdoor fun.   

Most of these precious moments are captured with phones and tablets. Here are a few of our favorite summer-friendly tech tools.



Find the routine family photo a bit boring? Capture the summer moments the way Picasso would have with Sketcher.  This app lets you turn an ordinary summer photo into a sketched drawing. Forget the pricey prints from your favorite beach town and create your own masterpiece.



This easy-to-use app lets you create a 20-page picture book right from the pictures on your phone. Arrange photos with Mosaic, swipe through pages, place your order and 4 days later you have a printed memory book.


KidsZoom Action Cam

Worried about handing off your expensive camera or phone to your toddler?  If so, try KidsZoom Action Cam, a waterproof, tumble proof, video/photo camera made just for kids. It's a great way to capture your child's perspective when riding a bike, playing hide and seek, or the view from their summer fort.



This free app for iOS takes home movies to a whole new level. Create themed storylines with recorded answers and music to make the ultimate summer home movie. Capture the silliness of summer and relive it during those winter months!



There's always a soundtrack for the summer, and your kids most likely have a couple songs on repeat during the summer road trip or as they play outside. Don't let the music memories fade. Spotify lets you create playlists that will bring you back to the summer of '15 anytime!



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