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Best Productivity Apps for Busy Parents

Given our hectic lives, it’s no surprise that productivity apps are extremely popular choice for people looking to bring some order to their schedule.  

From reminding users of daily to-dos to managing huge projects, these apps can be particularly helpful for working parents who multi-task 24/7.  Nobody wants to be that parent that forgets to send cookies on bake sale day, even if they’re store-bought.

Most of the time management tools start with a free basic account with upgrades available to access optional features. Each app has four main functions:  prioritizing, categorizing, editing and reminding. In addition, most are accessible from a wide variety of platforms, giving users access via the web, smartphones and tablets, with syncing across all devices.   

Here’s a selection of some break out productivity apps and the unique features available from each:  


Wunderlist is a Microsoft product that works on virtually any platform. It's considered one of the more “beautiful” web apps due to its many customization options.  It’s particularly well-suited for managing group tasks, whether you’re planning a trade show event with co-workers or your parents’ anniversary party with siblings.  



The Todist task manager motivates users via the popular Todist Karma tool that turns productivity into a game. Users choose the number of tasks to achieve each day, and completed tasks earn points that are tracked within the app. Reviewers say it has two drawbacks -- first, it only works on iOS 8 or higher, eliminating the use of legacy Apple products, and second, you must subscribe in order to receive reminders, a feature that others include for free.



The easy-to-use Any.Do app uses a unique prioritizing system. Each task can be assigned one of four due dates: Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday. The app has a fun personality that cheers you on as you complete tasks, and sends reminders on slow days such as “call your mom.”  



Trello is a great choice for people who want to see all of their tasks in a single glance.  With the use of cards and multiple project choices, Trello offers a very visual approach to project management. Pinterest users will find the look and feel very familiar.   

Which app is the right choice for you?  That depends on your style.   

Test drive the free options of each app and decide which feels most comfortable. 


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