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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

Mom's Top Center Tour Questions Answered

Tours are designed to show features that set you apart from other schools in your area. To get to know a parent, asking open-ended questions such as, “What are you looking for in a childcare center?” or “What are your main concerns about child care?” is always a good start.

We spoke to directors around the country and gathered the top three discussions that come from these questions and how having WatchMeGrow streaming video helped them:

“I’m worried about my child’s safety and security.”

Make sure the tour includes a demonstration of your secured entry and a stop at each door that exits the building and playground. Discuss how children are signed in and signed out. Review the security measures you offer with WatchMeGrow. Review your center’s schedule of fire drills and other safety drills you practice at your center.  

“My child has never been in a daycare center before.”

This sentiment can come from parents returning to work after being at home or parents of children who have been in home daycare. While it can be scary to think of their child in an unfamiliar setting, it’s especially stressful when the child is too young to voice her fear. Let parents know that even if there are some tears at drop-off, they can log in to see their child’s transition to happy and comfortable from their office, or even from the parking lot of the center, using the WatchMeGrow app. Reassure parents by asking them to also call the center if they want to check in with the child’s teacher.

“What will my child do all day?”

There is a big distinction between the educational child care you provide and babysitting, but it’s up to you to call attention to important features such as a curriculum, outdoor play, center learning, and nutrition. This is a perfect opportunity to show parents key times they can log in to WatchMeGrow and experience reading circle, lunch, or music class.  

The personal connection you make with parents will ensure they walk out of your center unable to forget those features you discussed. Choosing child care is an intimidating experience, but your tour and how you address these common questions can make their decision an easy one.


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