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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

How WatchMeGrow Puts Security First

For so many families, WatchMeGrow streaming video is an invaluable feature when choosing childcare. Logging on for the first time can lift spirits and put worried minds at ease, knowing all is well with at the center. 

Tips for Families Who Use WatchMeGrow

Like all online software, there are important best practices to keep in mind when using and enjoying WatchMeGrow streaming video in your childcare center.

1. Authorize the right individuals.

WatchMeGrow will allow up to four family members to have login information for your center (this is an adjustable setting that can also be deactivated). This allows you to have control over who can log on without sacrificing your login, which is important since two people cannot be logged into one account at the same time – this eliminates the need to share login information.

2.  Remember to log out.

Just like any other online account, it’s important to log out of the website when you are finished viewing. Whether at your work computer or on your mobile device, this is the safest practice that applies to any password-protected website. As a safeguard, WatchMeGrow will automatically log you out in the event that you forget to do so.

3.  Talk with other users in your family.

You may decide to add grandparents as users of your WatchMeGrow account.  Be open about your expectations that they not share their login information, and share this list of tips with them.

WatchMeGrow streaming video offers unparalleled safety and security features. Visit our website for more information on these features.

Our team puts security first. 

Security is our top priority. In addition to the best practices here, know that our team of developers is constantly working to improve and update our service. 

These are a few of the extra security steps we take to minimize the risk of unauthorized access:

  • Our video is encrypted with 256-bit security certificates to protect your customers’ privacy and minimize the risk of being compromised. We are the only the only provider of streaming video for childcare who can offer this level of security. 
  • Only approved users have access to streaming video in your center; as families leave, they are removed as users. 
  • Center Admins must also approve users like out-of-town grandparents.
  • WatchMeGrow automatically disables accounts that haven’t been accessed in a long time, temporarily disables accounts after too many incorrect logins, and only allows one user at a time with the same login credentials.


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