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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

Guide to Calming Parents' First Day Jitters

Back-to-school season brings a new set of firsts for families and children. For many parents it will be their child’s first day in preschool or childcare and a bit of anxiety is completely normal.

We all know that the first day is often much harder on parents than it is for children. Despite being completely confident in your choice of school or center, leaving your child in a new situation is always scary.  

WatchMeGrow streaming video can alleviate much of that stress. In a recent survey, 75% of parents reported that WatchMeGrow streaming video was a primary reason they chose their childcare provider.

Here are a few tips from real parents who use our streaming video service that can help calm those first day jitters for your families. 

Schedule times to check in on the first few days.

Set times to log in and check in on your little one gives you a bright spot of connecting with your child during the work day. You can set the times based on your child’s schedule. If you know there is outdoor play before lunch, check in at that time to watch her laughing and going down the slide.

Everything is fine…really.

Children are resilient and are typically more independent than parents believe. She may have been crying and clinging to your leg when you left her this morning, but most children overcome those emotions minutes after you leave. Remind parents your teachers are skilled at helping children resolve their anxiety and help them move on to being an active participant in the classroom.

Keep communicating.

Streaming video is one of many ways to connect with your center. But it’s hard to know how your child is progressing or interacting with the classroom through the video alone. If you have questions or need an update on your child’s progress, schedule some time to have a conversation. Teachers who have first-hand interactions with your child are your best resource.


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