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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

5 Things You Won't Have to do Tomorrow

Each day you may take on the role of manager, marketer, HR, cook, driver, teacher and more. Leave the role of software developer and technical support to us.

Making decisions about which services you’ll use to help you run your business can be challenging and information overload. In your business of early childhood education, quality, security, and the bottom line are all important.

When you install WatchMeGrow Secure Streaming Video, these are five jobs you won’t have to do, because we’ve got you covered.

1. Diagnose and fix hardware.

We monitor the health of your hardware and can resolve many issues remotely.  When necessary, we will overnight replacement parts and schedule a technician to install them as soon as possible so you and your families don’t miss a beat or get any gray hair.

2. Wonder if your system is secure.

Families trust you with the care and education of children. You can trust us with protecting their privacy. We encrypt your data so you never have to wonder if your streaming video system is secure.  If you don’t have WatchMeGrow, how do you know that you are keeping your customer’s safe?

3. Remember to update software.

Our team of developers deliver regular software upgrades remotely so you always have the most current version of our product working for you, your families, and all of your devices.

4. Train new staff to use the admin functions of WatchMeGrow.

We provide one-on-one training to your team when you first launch WatchMeGrow, and as you need it with additional staff. We’ll show you admin functions that help your business run better. 

5. Help grandparents of enrolled children set up their new device with WatchMeGrow.

Our friendly Customer Support team takes those calls and emails so you don’t have to. Family users who wish to create an account, have a question, or need to make a change contact us directly. Your phones and your time stay free and clear of technical support questions.

WatchMeGrow gives your school a competitive advantage, demonstrates your high standards of education and care, and helps you grow your business and your bottom line.

We’ve put together a detailed checklist that gives you even more insight on how to make the right decision for your center.  

Find out how easy and affordable it is to get started with WatchMeGrow today.



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