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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

How to Raise Tuition without Raising Eyebrows

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  1. Retaining your best staff is the key to building success. If you have a strong team of superstar teachers, use these tactics to keep them for the long term.

  2. We’ve developed a complete marketing toolkit to help you make the most of your investment in WatchMeGrow and start adding enrollments from day one.

  3. Punctuality is a valuable trait that helps your business run better and increases your bottom line. Try these steps to build a team that is on time , all the time.

  4. In any sales situation, having a plan for what to do if your service is declined can make it easier to handle. And it can give you productive ways to win their business in the future.

  5. We've compiled some topics for staff interviews that can help align your school's goals with those of your prospective new teacher.

  6. You’ve read about them, you’ve met them, you might even be one of them. Millennial parents are one of the most studied and storied groups of consumers in history. And they are your primary customers.

  7. When a child has separation anxiety at preschool drop-off it can wreak havoc on emotions and make for a terrible start to everyone’s day. Share these tips with families at your school to help them get through it.

  8. Getting great reviews for your school can build your business in profound ways. We've rounded up some simple ideas to help those reviews come pouring in.

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