Data Security

The most secure video system available.

Rest easy knowing that we protect your privacy, and the privacy of the children in your care.

The best security, plain and simple.

Streaming video in childcare has a responsibility for protecting the privacy of people and data. WatchMeGrow was built for the business of childcare, and privacy is the single most important driver of our business. In more than 20 years of operation, we've never had a case of unauthorized video access.

Our security is third-party vetted.

Our software has been reviewed and verified by a dedicated team at Leviathan Security Group, a respected IT security firm. After a detailed evaluation, Leviathan determined that WatchMeGrow security protocols are the industry standard.

We have found no other video streaming options in the industry to have undergone rigorous, third-party security testing. Some may claim to do software-based reviews, which lack the extent, precision and expertise offered by Leviathan.

In childcare, the security of data and video and the privacy of children and families is critical. Every video system used in childcare should be thoroughly reviewed and vetted by a qualified IT security firm.

We store your data securely.

All data and personal information is stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure, powerful and trusted cloud-based data solutions. AWS uses KMS (Key Management Service) to encrypt your data with validated cryptographic modules.

We transmit your data securely.

Each family and admin user receives a unique username and password that we manage. Usernames and passwords are always encrypted to ensure your data stays secure. All video and user data streaming through our cameras and servers to our end users are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), the standard in internet data transfer security.

You maintain control of camera access.

You grant family access only when a child is in your care and only in that child’s classroom and play area, not your entire school. You may elect to assign an automatic log-off after periods of inactivity, set limits on viewing sessions, and disable individual cameras at any time.

Our work on security is never done.

Our team of developers is constantly working to improve and update our service as technology evolves. We run regular internal and third-party security audits to be sure our system is secure, making your and your families' data more secure.

Make the secure choice with WatchMeGrow.

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