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Why is software needed to use WatchMeGrow?
All streaming video requires a player or software to view. Our software is designed specifically for preschools and childcare centers and gives you secure encrypted video, automatic updates, mobile apps, and admin reports that help run your business better.

Is there a technical support line for my center? For my families? 
Yes and yes. WatchMeGrow offers an unlimited number of technical support calls, emails, and training time for your staff and your families.

How many parents can log in and watch streaming video from my center at the same time?
Our software allows an unlimited number of users to log in and watch streaming video from your center.  The faster your Internet connection, the more we can optimize the user experience.

Do I manage the usernames and passwords for all of my families? 
Our Customer Support team manages all of this for you, including setting up new families to be sure they are enrolled at your school and maintaining their account as long as they are your customer. And with our suite of Admin Tools, you all have the ability to manage your users as much or as little as you like.

Do my families need to download special software be able to stream video?
No. WatchMeGrow allows families to view streaming video from your school via their favorite Internet browser or with our free mobile app.

Can WatchMeGrow be viewed on all major browsers? Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari?
Yes. And we make regular updates to our software to ensure it always works with the newest versions of these browsers.

Is the WatchMeGrow app available for both iOS and Android?



Why is security important for my streaming video system?
The privacy of the children in your care and your staff is paramount. Only WatchMeGrow offers secure, encrypted streaming video.

My local security company offers this service, how is WatchMeGrow different?
Local security companies install cameras that may look the same, but they cannot offer encrypted video to protect your children’s privacy. The streaming video provided by local security companies is designed for only one or two viewers at at time. If you have more children in your care, parents will not be able to log in and view as they wish. That means unhappy customers. 

Can I buy a camera system online or from a local retailer and get the same thing?
“Off the shelf” camera systems are designed for use on a small scale, in homes, or one-room operations with only one or two people as viewers. They are not designed with privacy in mind; often families will share one username and password putting the privacy of your business and your families at risk.



Is there a monthly fee for WatchMeGrow?
Yes. The monthly fee includes the web-based software required to securely and reliably stream video to an unlimited number of users from your school. It includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android, software updates, security features, and password administration.  It also includes our team of Customer Support specialists who assist your families by phone, email, and web; train your staff on our platform; and offer unlimited support every day your school is open. 

Do you offer financing or payment plans? 
We offer purchasing options for every scenario, including affordable lease-to-own purchasing. We will match or beat any reasonable offer from other providers.

Is the equipment warranty valid for as long as I’m a WatchMeGrow customer? Does it cover parts and labor?
Yes and yes. We will replace faulty equipment free of charge, there is no cost to you for parts, labor or travel.

What if I already have a camera system?
Most often, schools with an existing camera system can reuse cameras and wiring already installed. In fact, more than 25% of schools that offer WatchMeGrow today started off with a different camera system. Some installed a set of cameras and were unable to offer families the seamless experience of streaming video on their own. Others used a camera security system product designed for a non-childcare application that fell short.

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