Show Parents the Activities Their Children Love

  • Gymnastics Programs
  • Dance Studios
  • Performing Arts
  • Swim Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Martial Arts Dojos

Childcare's Most-Trusted Camera System

Build Enrollments

When parents can watch their child thrive in a new environment, enrollment grows and retention improves, growing your bottom line.

Improve Operations

Use streaming video from secure webcams to coach your staff, improve space logistics, and operate more efficiently.

Manage Multi-Units

Be in more than one place at a time, manage a growing business, and provide a uniformly excellent customer experience at each location.

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More Than Just a Camera System

Parent & Admin App

Our apps let families access live video of their child's activities, and let you manage your camera system.

Precise Settings

Families only have access to streaming video during hours their children are attending classes at your facility.

Marketing Toolkit

Custom marketing tools help you increase enrollment for your enrichment programs.

Outstanding Support

Friendly, live support from our seasoned team to your staff and families means you never have to provide tech support.

Intuitive Admin Tools

Manage your program from anywhere with our suite of admin tools.

Product Warranty

Our warranty covers the replacement of equipment, usually within 48 hours, including technician travel for repairs.

Marketing Toolkit for Enrichment

Enrichment programs get free marketing materials, including professionally printed counter cards and digital images for social media. Contact us at any time to refresh your stock.

Facebook Image - Gymnastics

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Use this image on your website or social media to let parents know you offer streaming video.

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Use this image on your website or social media to let parents know you offer streaming video.

Counter Cards

Display these professionally printed cards in your lobby. A shipment arrives after your installation is complete. If you run short, request more.

Security for Your Families and Your Business

Security First

The privacy of children and your data is critical to your business; thus, your data and video security are crucial. WatchMeGrow is the most secure streaming video option in childcare.

Third-Party Vetted

Our software security has been reviewed and verified by Leviathan Security Group, a respected IT security firm, after a regimen of rigorous testing. We have found no other childcare video streaming options to include this third-party review process.

Enterprise-Level Security

All data is encrypted and stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure, powerful and trusted cloud-based data solutions. AWS uses KMS (Key Management Service) to encrypt your data with validated cryptographic modules.

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