Software & Support

You're busy running a childcare business. Leave the software and service to us.

  • On-demand streaming video sets your center apart.
  • Enjoy HD video, web and mobile apps, viewer platform, automatic upgrades – with no increased workload for you.
  • Rely on everyday access to our products, and friendly customer support on school days.

As a business owner, you are all things to all people: manager, marketer, teacher, cook, bus driver and more. Our partnership means you never have to add technical support, systems administrator, software developer, or internet security analyst to that list. Software & Support includes:

24/7 access to WatchMeGrow web-based software for you and your staff. Plus an unlimited number of family users can watch streaming video from your center, anytime their child is in your care.

The families in our center love WatchMeGrow and we’re happy we invested in it.
V.J. Locsin, Programs Director
Grayson, Georgia

Free apps for both iOS and Android means that more families and staff can use WatchMeGrow on their phones and tablets.

As a mom, I was sold immediately on the idea when I watched the streaming video.
Malak Agha, Owner
West Allen, Texas

Our team of developers deliver regular software upgrades so you always have the most current version of our product working for you, your families, and all of your devices.

We don’t have to use up any staff time as they take care of all our needs.
Childcare Center Owner

We manage all password administration for your parent and admin users.

I love being able to see my grandsons 900 plus miles away, and seeing them so happy is great.
Arlene Trahan, Grandparent
Columbia, Illinois

You have access to a suite of admin tools to gather reports like user activity, room changes, new requests, camera views, and more.

My husband and I have been watching our grandchildren on WatchMeGrow for over five years, and we love it.
Kathy Fernandes, Grandparent
Westwood, New Jersey

Our software offers the most secure platform in the industry and uses encrypted video and data to ensure that the privacy of your families and your business is protected.

WatchMeGrow is the best investment we made in our academy.
Childcare Center Owner

Our software monitors your system and alerts us to potential issues before they become problems, allowing us to repair them sooner. This ensures limited or no down time and happy families.

For the 12 months my son has been in daycare, WatchMeGrow was my best buddy. I saw him progress each and every day.
Sonal, Parent
Franklin Park, New Jersey

Rest easy knowing we automatically and securely back up your account data to the cloud, where our support team can access it at any time.

Being able to see my child at any time from work made all the difference when transitioning from being a SAHM to a working mom.
Gillian, Parent
Houston, Texas

We are customer support for your families. From forgotten passwords to adding users to changing classrooms, our team handles tens of thousands of calls and emails every year from your families, so you can stay focused on running your business.

I love being able to look in on my son any time I want. It gives me a connection to him I would miss out on if he went to a different day care.
Jennifer Peters, Parent
Springfield, Missouri

We are customer support for you and your team on questions ranging from maintenance needs, local networks, admin tools or your internet service provider. Our training and tutorial videos mean your new team members get up and running in no time.

Ben's Dad is getting to see him everyday from Iraq and that's a blessing that you just can't even measure!

On the rare occasion that you need on-site support, we’ll dispatch a certified technician.

The Internet viewing was my deciding factor in choosing our child care center.

Our warranty covers the replacement of all installed equipment at your center at no cost to you, usually within 48 hours. This includes technician travel and labor for repairs.

I feel so much better leaving my daughter in a childcare center that has this program.
Adding WatchMeGrow couldn’t be easier. Free Quote