Comparison Checklist

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Comparison Counter
DIY, DVR, and Other Video Security Systems
Secure Software Crafted for Childcare
Not for Childcare, Low Security
Custom software developed exclusively for preschools and childcare; in use at hundreds of locations
Generic software developed by third parties for gas stations and convenience stores
Fully secure: we encrypt login data, family data, and video streams – and we run regular security audits
Not secure: only login is encrypted – this is like locking the front door but leaving other doors open – and no security audits
Limited viewing: parents can view only their child’s classroom, and only during open hours
Most cannot offer these precautions
Superior Experience for Parents
Difficult for Families
No special software needed
Most require special software that parents cannot download at the office due to IT restrictions
Free mobile app for iOS and Android – with separate interfaces for admins and families
Most do not offer separate user interface for families – parents have access to everything you do
One-click full-screen viewing, just like YouTube
Most offer smaller viewers
Simple to Use for School Admins
Extra Work for Staff
Easily manage parent accounts: our admin tools are designed for childcare
Work-intensive for you: parent accounts must be managed manually and don’t work according to how schools operate
Customer support: when your parents or staff need help, they call our friendly support team
You and your staff answer technical support calls from families
Maintain control: we provide usage guidelines for families and tools to limit access
Less control: without a system built for childcare, management becomes more difficult
Free software updates: automatically works with new operating systems and browsers
Not future-proof: you may have to buy a new DVR system for new operating systems and browsers