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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

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Streaming Video: Why DIY Doesn’t Work in Childcare

WatchMeGrow Streaming Video is designed and built specifically for the business of childcare centers. Even so, you may be considering a do-it-yourself option to help save costs. Before you get out your drill and ladder, consider these key questions:

How many parents can be logged in at one time to watch streaming video?

Typically, DIY solutions are designed for only 1 or 2 viewers at at time. If you have a center with more than 25 children in your care, parents will not be able to log in and view as they wish. If parents experience repeated login fails or are logged off automatically at a special moment, that  could spell unhappy customers. WatchMeGrow allows an unlimited number of users to be streaming at one time, all with a crisp HD video experience.

How will you protect the privacy of your families?

The safety of the children in your care is paramount. DIY camera solutions do not offer encrypted data, an unlimited number of managed usernames and passwords, and a team of developers constantly updating and improving streaming software to keep everyone’s privacy protected. WatchMeGrow does all of that, and more.

Who will parents call when they have a technical problem with the streaming video from your center?

A DIY solution means parents call your center when they have a problem. WatchMeGrow has a team of friendly Customer Support pros at the ready for your staff and your families during times your center is open. We field thousands of calls and emails every month – calls that will never interrupt your day.

As a business owner, you are all things to all people: manager, marketer, teacher, cook, bus driver and more. Using WatchMeGrow means you never have to add technical support, systems administrator, software developer, or internet security analyst to that list. This lets you stay focused on running your business. 

Is the video streaming in HD? Does it present your center in the best light?

If you install an HD camera you can deliver HD video to lots of parents, right? Not always. DIY solutions cannot always offer HD quality video, and will often and unpredictably give blurry or frozen video. 

WatchMeGrow offers a full-screen, high-resolution video viewer with a crisp, HD picture. No other company in the industry does this. When families see crisp HD video from WatchMeGrow, they feel like they are truly connected. Clarity of video equals peace of mind.

WatchMeGrow is not an off-the-shelf solution. Our service was custom-built for use in childcare settings, and has been refined over 20 years to meet your needs.

We’ve put together a detailed checklist that gives you even more insight on how to make the right decision for your center.  

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