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Improving the Childcare Experience with the Power of Streaming Video

Must-Ask Interview Questions When Hiring Teachers

The fact that you offer streaming video at your school (or are considering it) means you are in tune with modern parenting and the need to stay connected. You understand how it builds instant trust with prospective families and increases your school’s enrollment.

So, how does streaming video affect your hiring decisions? When you’re hiring staff, you’re likely hiring Millennials. The idea of streaming video is nothing new or notable to them, but how can you be sure that your goals for your streaming video offering are communicated to your prospective new teacher?  

Keep these interview questions in mind to help find out:

Question: “Tell me about your approach to “positive guidance” in the classroom.”

A question you likely already ask in some form, this sets the stage for your expectations of teaching philosophy. This discussion is a good time for you to share positive feedback you’ve received from families who saw something terrific on webcams in your classrooms.

Over 80% of surveyed families who use WatchMeGrow across the country said they shared a compliment with their school’s director after they saw something wonderful through streaming video.

Question: “Give me an example of when you love teaching. Give me an example of when teaching can be challenging.”

Pairing these questions together gives you good insight into their overall approach to teaching young children. Inevitably, classroom situations can get challenging. This is a good time to pro-actively talk about why having streaming video protects your staff.

When challenging situations arise, video can be used to coach teachers through very specific solutions. It’s tough for directors to catch these challenges in the classroom in person, having video means “post game analysis” is always available to help solve issues.

Question:  “Tell me about your approach to communicating with your student’s parents.”

The teacher you hire will have very close relationships with your customers and will be the front line to holding up your school’s reputation. When families watch a few minutes of streaming video, they are connected to their child and to the activities in the classroom. This is a good time to talk about the benefits of families staying in the know and how that positively influences student retention. Share examples of how your school invites families to stream video during special school events to keep parents involved even while they are at work.


Schools and childcare centers use streaming video to keep parents connected to their children while they are in your care. These interview topics help you communicate how it also helps your teachers do their jobs better. Planning topics of discussion will help you hire the best teachers around and continue to build your stellar reputation.


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